1989-1999 OBS chevy led halo headlight kits with Bluetooth remote

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Car Make: For 89-99 Chevy
Color: RGB color /single white ,blue ,red etc
Lamp Type: LED

Wiring Harness Length:  2.5 meters
Certification: CE ROHS
Type: Headlight
Warranty: One year warranty
Color temperature:6000-8000K
Material:Special PCB panel, 2.0mm thickness
Lifetime:50,000 hrs
Bluetooth app name: Magic Light                                                                                           (All halo headlight kits and rock lights can be sync controlled by only one Bluetooth APP.)
Order included : 4 Halos ; 1 Bluetooth Remote .



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  • Are they actually headlights or are they just led rings that mount on the headlights?

    ok, they are just led rings that mount on the headlights.

  • Ok how do we mount these halos on the inside of the headlights? They have a sticky backing but where does that go?

    Thx for your question.  Yes, you have to mount them inside of the headlights,  those are high-intensity sticker, won't loose from headlights

  • Do the halo rings go on the outside of the headlights or how do they mount? I know they probably go inside but how do they keep from moving around when you drive?

    Thx for your question !   They would be installed inside of the headlights.  There are high-intensity stickers on the back of halos, would never moving around

  • Hi my name is Randy . I have a 1996 Chevy Suburban Lifted K1500 . I bought a cool looking After Market Blacked out Grill and smoked out headlights as well and i already got them installed but now I want these Vived headlights you guys got . Will these fit my truck ? And if they do let me know all the spec's of each one you got to offer for my truck ? I don't know if I want the 4 piece or 8 piece but help me out and when I figure out want o want and what you guys have to offer then I'll order them up asap for my truck . Thanks . Randy .

    Thank you for your question. This headlight kit will fit your 1996 Chevy Suburban Lifted K1500, and it is a 4 pieces one.

  • What is the app to connect to your phone?

    Thanks for your question ! The app called "Magic Light"

  • Does this work on 89 sierras because the year 89 is split headlights?

    Thanks for your question!Yes, it fits for your 89 Chevy Sierra

  • Do the halos come with the headlight housings or what does it come with?

    Thanks for your question! It just come with a buletooth controller.

  • So can you be a little more clear. Please on this topic. What i am understanding that the back side of the halo lights is sticky so I just put them on the out side of my head lights

    Hi,thanks for your question.You have to put the halo lights inside your head lights as the halo is not waterproof, can't put halo outside the headlight kits

  • Can you make the coast 2 different colors repeatedly?

    I am sorry that i dont really understand your meaning,If you want a mode of two colors gradient?We have 2 modes of color hopping and gradient.

  • Is there a certain brand of headlight that I can get that is meant to come apart for halos?

    Sorry, I am not sure yet, maybe you can use google to help you

  • Are they inside the headlight or do you glue them on the outside

    yes, you have to put these halo inside headlight, there is glue on the outside leds

  • Does the 97 chevy halo came with all four headlights or just 2

    it comes with four halo headlight, including everything you need.

  • Are these lights the flow series or are they just one solid color

    Hi,thanks for your inquiry.Our rgb chasing halo headlight kits has both solid color and chasing flow patterns. you can choose any pattern you want

  • Hello I’m interested in buying some halos from this site and I was wondering if they come with headlights housings and if they do are they clear or black housings.

    Hello, they don't come with headlight housings. These are just halo rings of headlights.

  • What is the measurement of these halo rings?

    Thank you for your question.  It is 300mm*2 304mm*2

  • hello, I have a 1997 Chevrolet k1500 Silverado edition with factory headlights. if I order these halos, will it come with a full LED headlight kid or just the halos to put around my headlight?

    Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. It just comes with the halos.

  • 2 questions. One, can I wire these to work with the Parking lights? Two, can I set up the LEDs so they are one solid color?

    Hello, thank you for your inquiry. First, yes. All you need to do is connect the negative wire of our headlight kits to the battery, and connect the positive wire to your parking light wire. Second, you can choose any solid color. It has tons of solid colors, 20 modes and music control.

  • I have 1991 Chevy c/k 2500 & was wondering if these led assembles would fit on my truck ?

    Hello,Thanks for your question! Yes, it fits for your 91 Chevy Sierra.

  • Will they strob to

    Hello, yes, there are 20 strobe patterns.

  • Do you use a remote to control the lights or is it bluetooth for you're phone?

    Hello, we provide Bluetooth control box and you will need to download an APP and open the Bluetooth to control the lights when connected with the power source.

  • Is this just the led's to go on the outer part of the light or both the halos and the outer layer led's.

    Hello, there is led on only one side of the halo and there is glue on the other side of the halo to stick on your headlight.

  • If you add the 8 rock lights do they plug into the same Bluetooth module? And if they do are the color of the halo gonna be the same as the rock lights?

    Hello, Yes, they will share the same Bluetooth control box so both rock lights and halo kits will sync with each other, which means they will share the same colors.

  • So I know these go inside the headlights but aren't the headlights put together with like a special adhesive? And if so how do you pust these in an not destroy the headlights themselves?

    Hello, thank you very much for your question. If you are really not sure, we still suggest you go to the installation company for installation. Because our customers bought some of them to be installed by the installation company, this can save a lot of time and make them more beautiful. However, those who understand it will choose to install it themselves.