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    Dual Row-Cree Curved LED Light Bar -

    Dual Row-Cree Curved LED Light Bar - | Vivid Light Bars

    Vivid Light Bars dual row Cree curved light bars controlled with the switch on the wire harness. For this Cree led light bar, you can choose regular Cree or 4D LENS, it is available with spot, flood and combo beam. The combo beam that's spot beam in the middle and flood beam at both side, the spot beam with a long range light which help you see far away. This kind of off-road light bar with all weather waterproof design,you can drive in whatever a bad weather.

    All the light bars come with regular mounting brackets which mounted in both side,and one set single wire harness,the single wire harness come with a switch that can turn on/off the light bar.

    50" Curved Dual Row Cree Led Light Bar (288W/480W)-Cree Light Bar D Series-Vivid Light Bars
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