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    • Hi there is the wiring comparable with uk standard vehicle lights.

      Hi, thank you for your question. The wiring is universal, and the voltage is 12-24v, 1.5A. If the voltage is over 24V, it will burn out. 


    • What is the range in feet of the wireless controller?

      Hi, the range of the wireless contraller is about 9.84 feet.

    • Bonjour j'ai déjà le câblage. Je voudrais savoir si il est possible d'avoir seulement les spots merci

      Bonjour, oui, vous pouvez noter que vous avez juste besoin des pods (pas besoin de faisceau de câbles) lorsque vous passez une commande.

    • Is the pre wired controller able to be used on multiple lights like some side shooters and a light bar? Also can the pre wired controller be mounted? Is there stuff on it to mount it? Are wireless remotes able to be used on the pre wired set up?

      Hello, yeah, the 8-button pre-wired controller can be used on multiple lights (seperate control and sync control). The 4-button pre-wired controller is used for sync control a light bar and some side shooters. There is no stuff on it to mount it, but you could use double-sided tape to fix it somewhere. As for the third question, due to the harnesses corresponding to the two controllers are different, the wireless remotes aren't able to be used on the pre-wired set up generally. If you would like to use the wireless remote on the pre-wired set up, you need to change to the corresponding wiring harness.

    • Does anyone have a wiring diagram to each mode for the 3.75” dual side shooter dual color strobe Cree pods ?

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. If you choose the custom cobtrol wire for push button switch, you just need to wire 4 wires to 4 push button switches, and then you can use the push button switch to change the pattern.

    • I already have 4 mounted light , do you sell just that controller?

      Hello, sure, here is the order link of that controller, order link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/accessories/products/anti-interference-remote-wireless-remote-for-dual-color-light-bars-pods

    • how would I set up the wiring so i can turn the white lights on/off steady burn and separately turn the colored strobes on/off and still select a flash pattern

      Hello, you don't need to set up the wiring. The WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER includes the functions and patterns you mentioned.

    • Is there a way to get a power button or the wireless remote?

      Hello, yes, you could choose "WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER" at the "ADD CONTROLLER*".

    • I pull a lot of oversized loads and need weatherproof as well as longevity easy to install on a 567 peterbilt

      Hello, our 3.75'' Dual Side Shooter Dual Color Strobe Cree Pods are high-quality, durable and weatherproof, and they're easy to install. In general, they could hold up to the conditions you mentinoned.

    • Can all the LEDs be set to solid white (including the side lights) then switched to a second mode of stobing?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. This LED can be solid white. If you want to design it all solid white , please note about it and how you want to control your lights when you place an order. Thanks.

    • Im interested in the pre-wired controller. Do you have a photo and does it still allow the same options as the remotes?

      Hi, we have photo of pre-wired controller in the product image, please have a look. The wireless remote and pre-wired controller are the same, same programme inside. The only one different is the pre-wired controller has a wire come out the remote.

    • Is it possible to get the pre-wired controller and control the back 2 lights and the front 2 lights separate

      Hi, yes, please leave a note when you place the order, and Please purchase an additional controller (select 44-4), we can help you make a pre-wired, the link:https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/accessories/products/8-buttons-wireless-remote-controller-for-light-bars-and-pods-package?variant=14944676216878

    • With the new wiring option can they be wired directly to the stock up fitter switch in the truck

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. our new custom wire control has 4 lines in total, each line represents a different function, you can connect them to the switch  on your truck.

    • I’m very interested. I wanna run 2 in front and 2 in back. Do you have a wiring harness with a 4 switch controller so I can run front and rear lights independent as well as running front and rear strobes independent

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. As long as you note how you want to control your lights when you place an order, we will email to confirm with you.

    • Can I use my own led flasher with these lights or is it specific to yours ?

      Hello, if your vehicle has a strobe device, you can choose custom control wire, but we generally recommend using our controller. For custom control wire, if you have any questions, please email us: sales01@vividlightbars.com

    • Can the side leds be amber and the center lights be white BUT all light up at once? Also how good is the antenna for your controller? Ive hsd remotes before and they had a hard time actually working.

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, they can be light up at once. Please check this link: https://youtu.be/Pg1WxhdXL8I

      The functions of our remote control are the same.[Button A is Turn On/Off, Button B is sync strobe/flash patterns, Button C is alternate strobe patterns, Button D is solid pattern.] If you don't like wireless remote, you can choose per-wired remote controler.

    • I got a 4 pack can I just turn 2 on or is it always all 4 and the instructions say about remote programming my remote works already

      Hello, if you buy 4 pack, you can control 4 pods at the same time. If you want to control 2 of them individually as a group, and you also want to control 4 at the same time, you can buy our multi-frequency wireless remote control. Our remote is programmed to control the lights directly.

    • Once a flash pattern is selected, will the lights retain that pattern each time you turn them on and off? Or do you need to scroll through the flash patterns each time you activate the lights?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. This light has a memory function, when you turn it off and on, it will still be the last mode you selected.

    • If it’s including a wiring harness does that wire harness have a switch like the very last picture ans can you also run the key chain switches with those

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, this lights including a wiring harnes, the button of this harness is the power switch button of the light. Turn on this button to control the light with the remote control.

    • Can you have a wired in switch on the cable for in the cab but also have a wireless one for your keys

      Hi, Yes, we could do pre-wired controll and wireless remote controll on the same set of lights. Please leave a note when you place order.

    • Can this be wired to a controller like Feniex 4200??

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. It shouldn't, we will provide our remote control because our lights are programmed.

    • Do I need an extension cable per pod, so 4 lights = 4 extension cables?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. Our harness for this pods is 5 meters long, please buy according to your needs. If the 5 meter harness is not long enough, an extension cable per pod, 4 lights = 4 extension cables.

    • If I bought 2 sets at different times (one set now and one set later down the road) could I hook them up to the same controller with no problems?

      Hello, thank you for your inquiry, yes, but you have to contact us so that we can arrange a new set of harnesses so that one remote can control all the lights.

    • Do these come with mounting brackets? Can’t see in pictures

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. All our lights come with mounting brackets & wire harness, please don't worry.

    • In the video these strob ditch lights flash all the colors. Is that a option that’s possible to get? In the options it says to pick one color.

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. You can leave a note or cantact us when you place the order. we will customize the color for you.

    • Is wiring necessary in the cab or is the remote all that’s needed

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. We offer wire harness, just use remote control the lights.

    • With the remote controller dose wiring need to enter the cab? Or just powered under the hood.

      Hello, thank you for your inquiry. We offer a set of wire harnesses that need to be connected with positive and negative poles. The wire harness and control box can be placed under the hood. There is a switch button in the wire harness that needs to be placed in the cab. The remote controller is a control lamp that can be placed anywhere.

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