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    • Hello I have a jeep that has wiring for extra front bumper lights but I would like to wire the outside amber to my running lights, so they come on all the time. is there a wiring kit for this? thanks

      our 5" round off road light use wireless remote , you can connect it to your vehicle power source directly , yes, order come with wire kit.

    • If I want 2 on the front and say 2 on the roof or rear bumper, Could I order a 4 pack, or should I order two sets of 2? The power supply in the picture has two wires off it.

      hi, 4 packs means 4 pieces , if you want 2 on the front and 2 rear bumper, you need order 4 packs, yes, it comes with two wires red/black wires, negative and positive pole. use wireless remote to change patterns, if you want control front and rear seaprately , i suggest you order 2 sets of 2 packs, if you want control 4 packs at the same time , i suggest you order 4 packs .

    • Do you make covers for the 5" round? In Virginia, they're required to pass state inspection.

      Sorry,we do not make this product.

    • Do u sell a bigger version and do sell singles?

      yes, we will have 7" round light for sale soon

    • How many can I connect together? I'm interested in making a light bar for the top of my Jeep similar to the KC light bar with circle lights.

      you can connect at most 8 lights together . just choose 8 packs

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