Color Changing Curved Light Bar


Vivid Light Bars professional color changing curved led light bar have two control options,one is working with Wireless Remote Controller,and another is working with Switch Controller.Their strobe modes are the cover the sizes :22”/32”/42”/50”/52”/54”.These light bar with all weather waterproof design,it is a durable,top quality and affordable for off-road is very helpful for you to drive at the night road.

You can choose double/four colors for one bar.the double colors are white/red,white/green,white/blue,white/amber,red/blue.all can do two steady colors and strobe colors.This color changing flash light bar work with wireless remote with 4 buttons A,B,C,D. Button A is on/off.Button B is explosion-flashing ( with 2 slow flashing modes and 2 quick flashing modes),Button C for left/right-flashing,two colors cross fade,Button D is 2 steady can click the wireless remote to make it change the colors and the strobe patterns.The 4 colors(RBWA) can do solid white color and flash white color.the red,blue and amber are mixed color.