Color Changing Straight Light Bar

Vivid Light Bars color changing strobes lightbar has two options,one work with Wireless Remote Controller,another option work with Switch Controller,their strobe modes are the same.this kind of color changing strobe light bar gives you a huge benefits over muti functions and colors lighting solutions on your vehicle. 6 strobes and 5 colors are both available for your different applications.

2 colors white & amber / red/ green/ blue muti functions off road led light bar- Vivid Light Bars color changing light bar can meet changing colors and various strobe patterns with one led bar . When you driving a wild field such as frost, you can pull some animals over by open strobe patterns, If you have a friday party, just drive your vehicles with our 4 mix colors off road led light bar. It seems that you guys don't need stage lights, Our color changing strobe light bar will be so charming and dazzling. There is only one thing you need to be careful, have to stay one white color when you driving on street. Those color flash light bars are same cool as regular white. 

This muti functions color shift flash off road led light bar is designed to driving light at extreme mix circumstance whether it is forest, field, desert, rain, fog, smoking. Color changing strob light bar can be switched quickly through our portable remote control .