Straight LED Light Bar - 5D/ 4D Cree - Dual Row

Welcom to Vivid light bars website! Now what you see is the F Series Dual Row Cree led light bar.

There have 7.5’’ 13.5’’ 21.5’’ 31.5’’ 41.5’’ 50’’ 52’’ for Cree led light bar, it also have two tpyes, normal and 4D. The 4D Light bar is more brighter as the leds was designed using a fish eye cap reflector, it can offer the maximum range of the beam. Cree led light bars are the most popular in USA! Beacause this led light bar was use Cree LEDs. It has the longest LED life. It not like other lights, just appear brighter at first, and then it will become dimmer after six months.

Cree Led lights make the world brighter. It's over your imagination, even if it looks like an ordinary light, but it will give you excellent service for many years if you have use it correctly. In other words, it can help you save the money, you just pay it in one time, but you can use it long time and you may never change another light again, So reliable, why you don’t want it, right?