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    Dual Color Strobe Straight Light Bar

    Dual Color Strobe Straight Light Bar

    The dual color white amber led strobe light bar is one of the best seller at Vivid Light Bars, there are two control options of this led light bar: one is wireless remote controller; another one is switch controller, both of the strobe modes of them are the same. It is quite bright that can improve your safety factor at night. And the colorful strobe patterns will make you be a focus because it is so charming and dazzling.

    Just choose the colors and size you want, we will give you a surprise and bright light bar!!


    New custom wires: 

    The newest custom control wire is for those people who wants to control the light bar with their 

    vehicle control system panel. There are four wires on the control box, White wire is Turn On/Off, 

    Yellow wire is sync strobe/flash patterns, Red wire is alternate strobe patterns, Black wire is solid 


    Then you can control the lights at strobe flash/solid colors without using a remote controller.



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