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    • Do I need an extension cable per pod, so 4 lights = 4 extension cables?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. Our harness for this pods is 5 meters long, please buy according to your needs. If the 5 meter harness is not long enough, an extension cable per pod, 4 lights = 4 extension cables.

    • If I bought 2 sets at different times (one set now and one set later down the road) could I hook them up to the same controller with no problems?

      Hello, thank you for your inquiry, yes, but you have to contact us so that we can arrange a new set of harnesses so that one remote can control all the lights.

    • Do these come with mounting brackets? Can’t see in pictures

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. All our lights come with mounting brackets & wire harness, please don't worry.

    • In the video these strob ditch lights flash all the colors. Is that a option that’s possible to get? In the options it says to pick one color.

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. You can leave a note or cantact us when you place the order. we will customize the color for you.

    • Is wiring necessary in the cab or is the remote all that’s needed

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. We offer wire harness, just use remote control the lights.

    • With the remote controller dose wiring need to enter the cab? Or just powered under the hood.

      Hello, thank you for your inquiry. We offer a set of wire harnesses that need to be connected with positive and negative poles. The wire harness and control box can be placed under the hood. There is a switch button in the wire harness that needs to be placed in the cab. The remote controller is a control lamp that can be placed anywhere.

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