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    • Is there anyway I can buy a pair but 2 different colors? i.e red and green pods for bows lights?

      yes, you can , you can put some note under your shopping cart when are ready to order them

    • Is it possible to get the 3” Blue/White color changing pods to have the RGB Chasing ring as well?

      We currently have onlly single color(such white or red,blue,green.) led pods with RGB chasing ring.there is no double color .

    • Is there a video on how to install them if so what's the name?

      Thank you for your question, but i am sorry about that we don't have a video on how to install them yet.

    • Can I wire these to my own switch inside the cab and if I order the 4 pods, can I have them alternate.. 2 pods white, 2 pods Amber while strobing and then a seperate switch to set them solid white?

      Thank you for your question, and we have the custom control wire option that you can choose, it is an controller that for those people who want to wire the lights on their own switch, and if you have other different request, pls contact our customer service department amy@vividlightbars.com.

    • If power is wired to a switch. When lights are on and power removed and turned back on, will lights turn on or will they have to be turned back on via remote?

      Thank you for your question, if you turn off the lights through the power not the remote, they will be turned back on when you turn back on the power.

    • I bought some pods and messed up and did not get switch that does 4 pods I got 2 switch’s I am going to order another set of pods how much to get that set wired for 4 pods so I can switch it on my truck

      Thank you for your question, the set with 4 pods is $222.32 on Christmas sale now, and if you have any problem with the lights that you bought, pls contact our after sales department amy@vividlightbars.com.

    • Is the flasher module built into the pod or the harness? If we wanted to use our own switches is it possible?

      Hi. our flasher module built outside the pods on a white box, only can use our remote to change strobe modes. we also make wire switch to change strobe modes soon

    • If you choose red/blue color option does it also come with white?

      Thank you for your question, and sorry, the red/blue pods won't come with white.

    • What is the difference in the 2 different wires if I buy 4 pods

      Thank you for your question, if you buy 4 pods, you can use the one quad wire harness to install and control them together, but if you want to put 2 pods at the front and 2 pods at the rear of your truck, you need two double wire harness to work them together.

    • Will these pods strobe between red and blue to be used on an emergency vehicle?

      Thank you for your question, yes, we have red/blue pods that can strobe between red and blue to be used on an emergency vehicle.

    • Can you guys make this in a full) and sized light bar. Say 52"?

      Thank you for your question, and yes, we can make it, the 52'' light bar with anti-interference controller will have more than 40 modes on it.

    • If i buy the amber and white can it just strobe amber or do both colors flash?

      Yes,it just strobe amber or white

    • Is the remote waterproof

      Thanks for your question.No,it isn't waterproof

    • I'm trying to replace the 5 cab lights on my truck with cubes can you customize a package deal where I can buy 3 that run off of one controller and 2 that run off of one controller? I want them white/ amber

      Thanks for your question !  Sorry,not yet

    • With these lights, can they be used as work lights / driving lights, ie spot lights? If so how many metre can the light go ex. 1lux@400m?

      Thanks for your question ! Yes,they can. About 80~150 meters

    • What is the range of the remote?

      Thanks for your question ! It is 10 meters

    • Can you instantly switch from amber strobe to solid white? Then back to last strobe amber with just one push on the remote?

      Thanks for your question !  No,I can't. The remote controller has 4 buttons.A controls the on/off,B&C controls the 20 strobe mode,D controls the solid mode

    • can the white light be wired to a reverse light, so when you put the truck in reverse they come on, or is it only with the remote?

      Thanks for your question! It only controlled by controller

    • Haw many lums

      Thanks for your question! There are 1600lm on these pods each one

    • Can you hard wire these pods in. Instead of using the remote

      Thanks for your question! I'm sorry,these pods only have remote controller

    • These also can be steady burn as white correct?

      Thanks for your question!Yes,they can soild steady white shine

    • Can these be flush mounted ?

      Thanks for your question! Here is flush pods    https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-light-bar/products/3-2-wireless-remote-led-color-changing-flush-pods-lights

    • I'm a storm spotter and was wondering if you just have amber flashing only?

      Thanks for your question! You can choose white/amber,it has 9 flashing patterns,including the amber flashing

    • can these pods be ordered as a flush mount instead of the universal mount?

      Thanks for your question ! Yes,they can

    • Is there a way to wire the pod to my brake lights. For the red pods

      Thanks for your question!I am sorry about that it cant wire to brake lights

    • Is there a way we can order them to have more then two colors, for example, white/amber/blue?

      yes, you can , when you place an order, pls leave a note under order, we will ship white/amber , white/blue to you

    • Will these alternate strobe between the two colors? or only strobe one solid color at a time?

      Yes,it only strobe one solid color at a time

    • Can you use one remote for more than one light bar and some pods

      Sorry, we can't.

    • Do we need anything extra for these pods to run them solid with strobe option?

      No, you don't need anything extra to control pods, it comes with remote, you can use remote to run the solid color and flash 

    • Is the harness needed to color change the pods? Or do they just need power and the controller for the color change is built into the light

      it comes with sync wire harness, the controller built into wire box, use remote to control led pods, easily use, plug & play.

    • Do the color changing pods come with a switch to change the flash patterns or just the wireless remote?

      Hi. Sorry, we dont have color changing pods with switch control, just have light bar come with switch control and wireless remote

    • What is the 4d lens option

      Hello, the 4d lens for light bars implement a special type of “domed” or “fisheye” projection lens over the actual LED itself, which when in use, intensifies the projected beam of light in a an extreme wide panoramic angle (supposedly more so than the classic LED light bars). In a word, the 4d lens will make the light bars brighter.

    • If you buy a 4pc kit with spot and flood lights how do you tell them apart do they look different?

      Hello, yeah, they look different. You could distinguish them not only through the appearance but the light type.

    • I have bought a light bar from you guys and have the hardwired controller with chasing Halo is there a way to cut back on the amount of Bluetooth controller boxes and controllers can I combine them into one because I would like to buy more in the future but that's allot of boxes and controllers and wires connected to the battery

      Hello, thank you for your question! Because Bluetooth control box and remote controller are independent abd patterns are different, so they can't combine into one controller. If you purchase a lot such as 4 pcs, we could also use one Bluetooth control box and one controller as well as quad wire harness to control the lights.

    • Can these be hardwired in to my existing switches, and be able to strobe amber on one wire and then go to steady burn white on a different wire and will one over-ride the other circuit (meaning what happens if both flashing amber and steady burn white are on together)? I'm wanting to mount on a tow trucks where existing flood lights are, I would like to to be able to use them as flashing amber lights normally, and then be able to over-ride the amber flashing lights when flood lighting is needed on a separate switch and have steady burn white. Is this doable with these?

      Hello, if you want to connect with your own switch, then you need to choose custom control wire. Please note that only if there is strobe function on your truck could our lights flash, besides, custom control wire will make the lights lose alternate strobe patterns. (only the whole light bar strobe, i.e., strobe all white, strobe all amber when you choose white/amber) (Here is how custom control wire works: it consists of 2 power wires and 2 signal wires, Connect two power wires to your truck battery and two signal wires to your own controller. Two signal wires control two colors separately. For example, if you choose White/Amber, one of signal wire controls white and another one controls amber. Touch the positive power wire with the signal wire to show color.)

    • Are all the RGB chasing halos bluetooth controlled? I would like to get a set of alternating color flashing pods with the halo with the option to add more non alternating lights in the future. Will all the halos sync?

      Hello, all the RGB chasing halo could synchronously work together by one Bluetooth APP named Magic LED no matter the center LED is color changing, alternate falsh, or single color.

    • How long is the wiring harness for the 3.2 pods?

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. The wiring harness of 3.2'' pods is 5 meters.

    • For some reason sometimes the lights turn on by themselves. I have the wireless remote on the 3.2 cubes is there any reason why they turn on when the car is off.

      hi, pls contact our after sale department:amy@vividlightbars .com   then she will help you solve the problems. thank you !

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