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    • On the halos, will they operate off of a 14v system? Reason being is the other halos I bought I had to also buy a resister to drop the voltage.

      Yes, it's OK that above 12 V

    • Does this come with a duel harness for four pods? Where are these pods made?

      hi, if you order 4 pods, we will send two set dual wire harness, we are in China, so made in China.

    • Would it be possible to mount these on the rear bumper?

      surely, you can use them on the rear bumper .

    • Are the halo cubes set up for the color chasing?

      these halo cubes are regular color changing , we also have color chasing if you want .

    • Are the halo cubes set up for the color chasing halos?

      yes, we also have color chasing halo pods.

    • What is the rough lumen output of these pods

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. This 40W Cree led light have 6000 lumens.

    • Will these work with Morimoto XBT controller, and what connectors for the led rings, JST connector(4 pin)?

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. These RGB halo LED Pods will be controlled by Bluetooth APP named Magic Light.

    • Can I put two of them in the same vechile without having any interfairness with them along with my interior lights and rocklights?

      Yes, it's ok cause it is controlled by Bluetooth App. Connect with the power, plug & play.

    • Can these also strobe in a amber white pattern???

      hi, thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry to tell you that it can not strobe white and amber. only our color changing pods can flash white and amber , up to 40 mode.

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