Straight LED Light Bar - Slide Bracket - Dual Row

Cree Straight Led Light Bar make from Chinyun Lighting , is popular  and fashionable around the world, contain 36'', 30.7'', 28'', 22.6'', 19.9'', 14.5'', 11.8'',  9'',  6.5''    light bar.which is durable,energy-saving, no instant start,no UV,no humming.and it is not only easy  to install but also working in high effective.Led light bar for truck with 30 degree spot beam, 60 degree flood beam,and Combo beam.The spot beam is a straight  and long range light for distant road,The unexceptional light bar of spot beam illuminate a wide and short region. annd if you turn it to combination,will emerge a surprising bright illumination.

This Offroad Led Lights Bar is super bright, include  54W led power,Diecast Aluminum Housing  material , and Alu firm mounting bracket, it is high quality and intensity for strike .it water proof is IP68,color temperture is 6000K, and when you are driving, led light bar will light up the dark,to give a bright illumination for  faraway road,can see clearly at night.whether it's rain or misty ,you are safe and eased to drive