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    • what controller comes with this package?

      Thank you for your question, this package will come with the Chasing Bluwtooth controller.

    • How can you change the colour of the light bar? And can you change individual bulbs or parts of it? What are the setting for the bulbs to move or change colour? Thanks.

      Hi,Thanks for your inquiry,We cant change the color of the light bar,we can only change the color of the color ring around the light bar by the bluetooth controller.

    • Can I switch out the light bar for a dual color (white/half red half blue) strobing

      Hello, I recommend you our Package of 1 Dual Color Light Bar & 4 Pack 3.2 Inch 20W LED Pods. You can add RGB / CHASING HALO FOR LIGHT BAR & PODS and choose the color you want here, order link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/package-deal/products/package-of-1-dual-color-light-bar-4-pack-3-2-inch-20w-led-pods

    • What app do you use to control the halo ring?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. This chasing halo light bars&pods controlled by Bluetooth APP named Magic LED.

    • Is there a way to get this package with the better pods? With the 40w 5D pods instead of the 20w ones...

      Hello, yes, When you buy, just leave a note. We will make lights according to your requirements.

    • Bonjour, les petits spots led peuvent-ils être en 24v ?

      Bonjour, pour les petites gousses led, nous suggérons une tension entre 12-15V.

    • Can you sync halo chasing lights to the rock lights?

      Hello, they can't sync with each other because their Bluetooth APP is different. Chasing lights' APP is Magic LED while rock lights' APP is Magic Light. But you could sync rgbw halo lights with rock lights cause they share the same APP Magic Light. check with this. https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/led-color-changing-halo-lights/products/package-of-1-rgbw-halo-light-bar-4-pack-rgbw-halo-pods-with-bluetooth-remote

    • Can you make this light bar strobe left to right I'm a firefighter and don't want to put a whole bunch of lights everywhere just 1 on the top dual purpose

      Hi, our dual color changing light bars have many strobe patterns and strobe left to right has been included.

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