3.2" Dual Color Flush Mount LED Pods

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About Brake/Turn Signal Line:

This Brake/Turn Signal Line has 3 wires, which will have different flash effects when touch with positive wire.
Black Line for Right Turn;
Yellow Line for Left Turn;
Red Line for Brake.

As the new alternating flash pattern added, the 3.2" Dual Color Flush Mount LED Pods become cooler. Flush Mount LED Pods work with wireless remote, up to 40 modes, can work as fog lights.  And you can sync control 2/4/6/8 pack Flush Mount LED Pods with wireless remote. 

Flush Mount LED Pods

Dimensions: 3.2 inch
LED Power: 20W
Optional Beam: Flood/ Spot
Operating Voltage: 12V-24V DC
4pcs*5w Epistar LEDs
Waterproof Rate: IP67
Body Color: Black
Lens Material: PC
Current Draw: 0.83A@12V, 0.42A@24V
White Light Color Temperature: 6000K
Housing Material: Diecast aluminum alloy
Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel
Working Temperature: -40ºC~+85ºC
Lifespan: >30,000hrs
Wiring Harness Length: 16.4 feet
Warranty: 2 Years
What include the package:
  • 2/4/6/8 x Flush Mount LED Pods
  • Universal Mount Bracket
  • 1 x Wireless Remote
  • 1 x Synchronous Wire Harness

How to use the anti-interference remote:

Identification code learning: within 6 seconds after the Flush Mount LED Pods are on power, click one of any buttons of the new remote at least three seconds, then let go of it, remote learning finish.

If you want to use over two remote to control these pods, please repeat the operation within 6 seconds after the first step

If you still can not control the pods, please repeat the operation of first step as well.

Delete identification code: click one of any buttons before pods are on power, connect the pods to power source, continue clicking the button over 3 seconds, then let go of it, identification code is deleted.

If delete fail, please repeat the operation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jordan Z.

Lights work and function great. No fading in LEDs over time and no condensation. Extension cables were easy to install too.

Justin Mann (St Louis, US)
Flush mount red/white pods

This is my second pair of lights the first pair that I had one of them stopped flashing the red color so I’m hoping for better performance out of these that I have just received

Kraig Schick

Havenג€™t fully installed the lights yet, but they seem to be very good quality. The wiring and control box also seem to be good quality as well. I got flood lights and they were not as bright as I though they would be, but they are lighting up a very large area. Also, I would recommend ordering a few cable extensions to make sure you have enough wire to go from the control box to each light. Also donג€™t make the mistake I did and order the wrong wiring harness. If you have 4 lights, you will want the quad wiring harness.

Justin J

The one cable was to short for my right side of my truck on the rear. Need a 4ג€™ connector cable extension ect. Please send me one. Thanks.

Keegan Stefanson

Nice and bright will by more in future for the fleet

Jeffery Harper

Honestly ordered these because I seen them all over Instagram and now since I have them mounted in my back bumper I am very impressed at how bright they are and the way the function. Great product and I plan on doing more business soon.

Ken Colwell

Very bright easy to mount anywhere


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  • Do you have flush mount 30W pods multicolor?

    Sorry,we dont have it yet.

  • What size hole is required to flush mount these lights, square or round?

    Hi. the flush mount pods installation required square hole.

  • I need these in a 3 wire function,,,,, I.E. blinker / running light

    Hi. Thanks for your inquiry ,our changing alternate flash  have a total of 4 wires,two power wires and two signal wires.

  • Hello can wire these lights to the factory reverse lights an still have a separate switch for the strobes?

    Thank you for your question.   Yes, there is a separate switch for the strobes

  • How many flash patterns do these have?

    Thank you for your question !    A pair of them have exact 32 strobe patterns, two pairs have exact 40 strobe patterns

  • How bright are theses pods ( in lumens)? Also, what is the custom control wire consist of?

    Thank you for your question.   These are 1600lm for each one.    Custom wire mean it doesn't come with  our controller, just 2 of power lines and 2 of signal lines, you can connect the signal wire to your own controller.

  • Hello, I want to use a pair as backup lights and a pair as fog lights. Do I have to have two separate controllers to control them separately or can they be controlled separately off of the same controller?

    Thank you for your question ! Just buying 2 x a pair pods,  it will come with 2 wiring harness and 4 remote controller,  the 4 controller would control them separately.

  • Hey I am wanting to get two pairs of the Bluetooth version flush mount pods. I am not sure what ones to order from the site to get them ones? Also if they are mounted side by side is the total length 6"? And are your prices American? Let me know thanks!

    Hi. you should choose bluetooth remote rgbw led flush pods halo. not this one . the correct link : https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/rgb-halo-pods. they are not including mount bracket , exactly 3.2". the price is USA dollar .

  • Hi, If I had lights on either end of my truck wired on different harness’s is it possible for them to work of one wireless remote? Thanks, Ali

    Thank for your question. Yes, you can use one wireless remote to control them.

  • How manny wires go into the back of the pod?

    Thank you for your question. There just one wire go into the back of each pods.

  • When these are in stobe mode do you have the ability to strobe two colors (amber and white) during the same cycle or can you only strobe one color at a time? Thanks

    Thank you for your question, there is a mode that the pods can alternative flash on white and amber suring the same cycle.

  • Can you control a pair of pods with a pair of flush mounts with the same controller and can i tie tgem into my switch box or is the key fob the only way to control them

    Thank you for your question, you can use the same controller to control a pair of pods and a pair of flush mounts, and the key fob is the only way to control them at present, we don't have the switch controller option yet.

  • I'm a firefighter I was wondering if I could get pods that just flashed blue instead of blue and white or blue and red.

    Thank you for your question, yes, you can do that, our pods have the white/blue one, if you needn't the pods flash white, you can use the remote to choose a mode that just flash blue.

  • Does it come with other brackets? I cant mount them flush on the bumper? I have a hino 258 plan on putting them somewhere in the bumper

    No,it doesn't.   Maybe you can choose that one which comes with no flush   https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-light-bar/products/3-2-wireless-remote-color-changing-flash-cube-pods

  • Can you make a amber green combo for the strobe pods

    Thanks for your inquiry!Yes,we can.But when you order you'd better write a note or send a e-mail to us

  • Do the lights only strobe or can they be solid white as well

    For example,if you choose white/red,it can strobe white/red,also solid white/red

  • Can I connect these to my dog lights or a seprate harness has to be run through them.

    Yes, you can use it where you want , as they are custom lights, it comes with separate wire harness and remote!

  • Can these lights be wired so that the color can be change via a switch/button instead of the remote?

    Hi, sorry, we don't have switch controller version yet

  • Whats the difference between the flash pods and strobe pods?

    They are same , I guess that you want ask the difference between flush pods and regular pods , pls check the products photos of two products, will understand it easily 

  • Can I order in blue and amber

    Yes, you can, when you place an order, pls leave a note

  • What is the difference between the flood and the spot options on your color changing pods

    Thanks for your question.pls see the answer for your reference.
    1. Spot beams are meant to provide light to a specific area. When using a light with a spot beam, it will have a refined light spread which is intended for long range visibility.
    2.Flood lights provide a much larger spread of light but at a smaller distance. Many people use flood lights to illuminate large areas such as construction sites.

  • Do they fit Colorado

    yes, it fits any vehicle, as this is custom build

  • How long are the wiring harnesses? I have the same truck that is in the sample video and want the same set up. Crew cab long box. Does the harness reach from the battery all the way to the rear bumper?

    our wire harness is 2.5 meters. i dont know what size your truck is ?

  • Could I just wire them into my reverse lights for power? Or would I have to wire them to my battery.

    Hi,you can use our custom control wire for the pods. Two wires will go to the power, and the other two wires will go to control the white/amber color. But it will no strobe function unless your car system has stroboscopic functions.

  • Can I wire this into my emergency light control panel but I need to use your controller to turn on and off change patterns

    No, you can. Once you wire the pods into your emergency light control panel, you only can use your control panel to turn on and off change patterns.

  • Does one color have priority over the other, say I'm using the red/white for reverse/brake light and want the reverse light to stay on even though I'm pressing the brake light.

    Hi, thank you for your question.
    It can add the brake/turn signal line. But one pod can only light up one color at a time.

  • Can these just flash pure amber and be steady white ? Also can i connect it to a rocker switch?

    Hello,thanks for your inquiry. Please choose the color white/ amber, and it can flash pure amber and be steady white, and it could connect to a rocker switch, please choose our pre-wired controller.

  • Is the whole thing 3.2 in, or is it a 3.2 in light with a larger mount

    Hello, it's the 3.2" lights with larger mount. The  whole dimension: 4.84X3.66x2.95".

  • I see you have a selection box for "two flood, two spot", but it is not selectable (grayed/exed out). This is the option I would like to buy - if you don't offer that, why show that box?

    Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. I'm sorry, If you only need 2 pods, there is no such option as "two flood, two spot", but you can note that "1 spot and 1 flood" are under your order, and we will make pods according to your requirements after we see them. If you are buying 4 pods, it is the option of 2"two flood, two spot".

  • What size hole is required to mount these flush in a bumper?

    Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. This flush mount pods dimensions is 3.2 inch, you can check it.

  • How do i go about getting the 6 pin extention for these lights

    Hello, sorry, we now have discontinued 6 pins extension.

  • Can I Use the white/amber lights for a turn signal if i have the custom wiring?

    Hello, in this case, you could choose custom control wire, but please note that only if there is strobe function on your truck could our lights flash, besides, custom control wire will make the lights lose alternate/sync strobe patterns. (Here is how custom control wire works: it consists of 2 power wires and 2 signal wires, Connect two power wires to your truck battery and two signal wires to your own controller. Two signal wires control two colors separately. For example, if you choose White/Amber, one of signal wire controls white and another one controls amber. Touch the positive power wire with the signal wire to show color.)

  • can you get them more than two colors?? Be able to strobe red/amber and then flood white???

    Hello, Sorry, it's dual color changing, like white/amber, there will be steady white color, steady amber color, strobe white color as well as strobe amber color.

  • can the pods be set to run as just a simple fog light when not being used as a strobe?

    yes, of course.

  • can you wire these to do a red pattern strobe and a red white strobe and a white flood and or can the colors be set to a steady burn and wired to an external flasher

    hi, yes, you can choose custom wire when you place an order, leave a note about your special requirement ,