4D RGB Chasing LED Light Bars- slide bracket

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Uniqueness of the RGB Chasing LED Light Bars

1. The RGB Chasing Halo has 200 patterns which controlled by the Bluetooth app, can be steady, constant, colorchasing, also can speed up and slow down.

Such as red white chasing, green white chasing, blue white chasing, etc.

(More interesting features are waiting for you to discover. )

2. Installed with High Quality chips, it can light up White as offroad driving Led light bar, high brightness, long lifespan.

3. Waterproof rate IP68, all products were test many times in our factory before it  shipping out, we also provide 2 years warranty.

4. Easy to install with the Slide Mount bracket.


1. Dimensions: 6.5"/ 9"/ 11.8"/ 14.5"/ 17.3"/ 20"/ 22.5"/ 28"/ 30.7"/ 36"/ 44"/ 50"
2. LED Power: 36W/ 54W/ 72W/ 90W/ 108W/ 126W/ 144W/ 180W/ 198W/ 234W/288W/ 324W
3. Lamp Luminous Flux: 2700lm/ 4050lm/ 5400lm/ 6750lm/ 8100lm/ 9450lm/  10800lm/13500lm/ 14850lm/ 17550lm/ 21600lm/ 24300lm
4.Dimensions: 3.15''H x 2.56''D
5. Lens Material: PC
6. LED: High Intensity LEDS
7. Operating Voltage: 12 DC
8. Color Temperature: 6000K
9. Material: Diecast Aluminum Housing
10. Waterproof Rate: IP68
11. Mounting Bracket: Alu Firm Bracket
12. Body Color: Black
13. Beam: Combo Beam
14. Lifespan: 30000 Hours Above Life Time
15. Emitting color: RGB,  a lot of solid colors, 200 chasing patterns, also can speed up and slow down

16. Warranty: 2 Years warranty

Order Details:

  • 1x 4D Lens RGB Chasing Halo Light Bar 
  • 1x Bluetooth Remote Box
  • 2x Slide Mount bracket
  • 1x Wire Harness 

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

    4D Lens RGB Chasing Halo Light Bar Dimension as following :



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Gabe V.

    Came with all hardware, easy to install, and looks great!!

    Brett D.

    The light bar came out really great. I like some of the different modes the leds can do. Has a great wire harness that is easy to install. Would definitely buy again.

    J.Y. (Houston, US)

    Great quality and craftsmanship. Very bright and easy to install. Very happy with the light bar.

    Michael Harrison

    My wife was very happy with the lights and i was able to wire them from the existing 20 inch RGB light bar we got last year from Vivid

    Jose Velazquez

    Great lightbars

    Anthony Donovan

    Not a cheaply made product. Nice industrial wiring, switches and brackets. No running to the store to have to buy something to put it all together.


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    • If I buy this is the halo and the light bar on the same switched power? I’d like to be able turn the light bar on and off while leaving the halos on or off.

      yes, the light bar and rgb halo are controllered separately, you can turn on/off any one of them .

    • Hi what app does this chase light use?

      Hello, the RGB chasing halo are controlled by an APP named Magic LED.

    • Do I need a physical switch in the cab of the vehicle or can I do everything through the app without running a switch through the firewall? Also I was wondering if this light bar would be compatible with standard tube clamps

      yes, you also need physical switch to provide power for light bar center white light ouput, bluetooth app just control rgb halo. the light bar is not compatible with standard tube clamps.

    • Is this light music activated also

      sorry that it doesn't have music control, it just have bluetooth app control

    • Hi there im looking for the 14 in light bar with RGB How quickly can i recieve it in florida at my home. I need it by weds. Ill pay for over night if i need to

      Sorry about that, we don't have expedited delivery service, our standard delivery time is 7-10 business days.