Dual Color Strobe 50 inch Led Light Bar

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The Dual Color Strobe 50 inch Led Light Bar is a dual row led light bar that has diverse colors to choose. this Dual Color Strobe 50 inch Led Light Bar is so easy and flexible to install on your vehicle with universal mounting brackets, it is fit for any vehicles.

What's more, all of our color changing led light bars are with a high standard quality guarantee that produced by our professional technological team, so there is no any problems to light up the Dual Color Strobe 50 inch Led Light Bar in rainy or misty day. There are long life and extremely waterproof. 

All Vivid dual color strobe light bars and pods can flash two colors (such as white and amber) and can also stay steady two colors (white or amber).  They can be used as spotlight when they are fixed white color. They can also be used as emergency light when they strobe.
The strobe patterns are as many as 40 modes, containing synchronous and alternate strobe.



About 5-meters extension cables

The Dual Color Strobe 50 inch Led Light Bar is controlled by the wireless remote controller, does not have an extension cables. if you choose the 5-meters extension cables for your wireless remote control light bar, we will refund you of the extension cables

About Brake/Turn Signal Line

This Brake/Turn Signal Line has 3 wires, which will have different flash effects when touch with positive wire.
Black Line for Right Turn;
Yellow Line for Left Turn;
Red Line for Brake.


Control options: wireless remote controller/ pre-wired controller
Color options: white/red, white/green, white/blue, white/amber, etc. 

More features as follows:

  • Product Code: CY-B288EC
  • Dual Color Strobe 50 inch Led Light Bar---dual row
  • Dimensions: height 3.15'' x depth 3.54''
  • Dimensions: 50 inch 
  • LED Power: 288W
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Waterproof Rate: IP 68
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Lamp Luminous Flux: 21600LM

Order Details:  

  • 1x Dual Color Strobe 50 inch Led Light Bar
  • 1x Universal Mount
  • 1x Wireless Remote Controller or 1x Pre-wired Controller


Customer Reviews

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Darren Trent

These lights are great supper bright and very effective. Vivids customer service hours are odd but they are very good at communicating. The shipper lost the package containing my pods I ordered. Vivid contacted them and handled it all on there end and sent me a replacement set of pods

Hayley Hilbig

Color changing 50 inch


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  • Is there any way to make them flash quick

    Ok, Well , our color changing light bar has slow and quick strobe patterns. you can choose them .

  • How bright is the sold white option? I want to us it for volunteer fire pov response as well us the solid white for off road option

    Thank you for your question, the light bar is super bright no matter the solid white or colors option with a high standard quality LEDs.

  • Is there a steady burn option for just the whit color on blue/white bar?

    Hi. Yes, use D buttom , you can solid white or blue

  • What is the lumens for the solid white option?

    Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. The lumen of solid white option is about 20160-22080 LM.

  • is there a seperate control wire for each color and section?

    Hello, it is not a separate control wire. If you choose white/amber, it can flash white and amber alternately, or fix white or fix amber as long as you use the remote control.

  • If I wanted to install with the custom wire with a flasher module which ones do you recommend?

    Hello, If you want to choose custom wire, please check the following notes,only if there is strobe function on your truck could our lights flash, besides, custom control wire will make the lights lose alternate strobe patterns. (only the whole light bar strobe, i.e., strobe all white, strobe all amber when you choose white/amber).  If there is no strobe device on the vehicle, we suggest you use our remote control.  

  • How many Amps does this light bar require? I need to see if my current flasher can handle the power

    Hello, thanks for your question. The Ampere required for this 288W 50'' Light bar is 12-15A.  

  • Does this have a steady burn option for just Green or Amber?

    hi, thank you for your inquiry. yes, for example, if you choose White/Amber, the light bar can flash White and Amber, also can stay steady solid White or Amber.

  • Can the dual color amber white strobe back and forth between both colors

    Hi, thank you for your inquiry. Yes, it can. the color changing light bar have up to 40 modes, which includes the mode you mention just now.

  • Is there still a steady white option for the whole bar even if one of the colors you have chosen for example is red/blue

     hi, thank you for your inquiry. if you choose red/blue, the light bar can flash red and blue and also can stay steady solid red or blue, but can't get the steady white on the whole light bar. however, if you choose white/amber, the light bar can flash white and amber and also can stay steady solid white or amber, this means that the whole light bar can stay steady white. 

  • Is the 50 inch light bar straight or curved because I'm looking for a straight bar to mount to my roof rack

    according to your title, it is 50inch straight light bar