52" Osram LED Light Bar 4D lens (300W/500W)

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The 52" Osram LED Light Bar (300W/500W) benefits from a particularly well thought out design - its slim, beautiful and modern look will really enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle.

The 52" Osram LED Light Bar (300W/500W) offers superior performance with its long-life LEDs, a maximum illumination range of 415 meters, and impressive visibility even in challenging outdoor conditions.

The 52" Osram LED Light Bar (300W/500W) has a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, similar to sunlight, and a luminous flux of 42000lm/80000lm, producing a concentrated long-range beam. Its long life (over 30000 hours) is due to the selection of high-quality Materials such as the aluminum housing, stabilized polycarbonate lens, these are very light, while also being durable and sturdy.

The 52" Osram LED Light Bar (300W/500W) was also tested to reproduce extreme external conditions and to test its resistance to water, dust, shock, heat, cold and continuous vibration. These tests are carried out in din certified environmental simulation laboratories, so vx500-SP has an IP68 protection rating.

In terms of legislation, there is no need to declare amendments to the ECE certified CERTIFICATE of REGISTRATION for LED spotlights.

Therefore, 52" Osram LED Light Bar (300W/500W) can be installed on tourist vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, agricultural machinery, field vehicles, caravans, all-terrain vehicles and four-wheelers. This is a generic product that offers many possible applications.

More details about product as follows:
Product Code: CY-B500RF

1) Osram straight light bar---dual row
2) Dimensions : 52inch
3)Dimensions: height 3.15'' x depth 3.54''
4) LED Power : 300W/500W
5) Waterproof Rate : IP 68
6) Color Temperature : 6000K
7) Lamp Luminous Flux : 42000lm/80000lm
8) Warranty : 2 Years warranty

Order details : 52" Osram LED Light Bar; Universal Mount 

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Colton Weaver

They seem pretty cheap for what I payed not gonna lie already got condensation in one


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  • how tall is the light bar

    Thanks for your question. This light bar is come with 52'' x 3.5'' x 3.1''

  • how wide is the light bar

    Thank you for your question. The size of this light bar is 52'' x 3.5'' x 3.1''