54" Dual Color Strobe Curved Led Light Bar

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The 54" Dual Color Strobe Curved Led Light Bar is as many as 40 patterns, high brightness and high lux, containing synchronous and alternate strobe, you can easy change the patterns through the wireless controller. Alternating & Synchronous strobe pattern for Emergency Lighting & steady brightest work light for regular lighting of this 54" Dual Color Strobe Curved Led Light Bar. This curved LED light bar is great for off-road driving lights, daytime running lights, or fog lights on your truck, ATV, UTV, 4x4, Cars, Motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, Boats and can also be used for industrial lighting, marine lighting, auxiliary Lights, and tractor lighting.

Power / Output Specifications:

  • Power Rating: 312w
  • Voltage: 10v-30v
  • Total Lumen Output: 23040 lm


    • Dimensions: height 3.15'' x depth 3.54''
    • Opitonal Beam: Combo Beam (spot in the middle, flood at both sides)
    • Emitting Color: White/Red, White/Green, White/Blue, White/Amber, etc
    • Color Temperature: 6000K
    • Lens Material: PC
    • Material: Diecast aluminum housing
    • Waterproof Rate: IP 68
    • Lifespan: >30,000hrs
    • Warranty: 2 Years warranty

    About Brake/Turn Signal Line

    This Brake/Turn Signal Line has 3 wires, which will have different flash effects when touch with positive wire.
    Black Line for Right Turn;
    Yellow Line for Left Turn;
    Red Line for Brake.

    The 54" Dual Color Strobe Curved Led Light Bar  has appropriate spot and flood beam proportion provides optimal light spread to see road condition clearly, you will enjoy happiness in wild Offroad adventure.

    The 54" Dual Color Strobe Curved Led Light Bar for off road is durable and flexible, and they have a all-weather waterproof design and we guarantee world standard quality all over the world.

    What’s Included:

    • 1x 54" Dual Color Strobe Curved Led Light Bar
    • 1x Wireless Remote Controller Or 1x pre-wired Controller
    • General Mounting Brackets

    If you have any questions about the 54" Dual Color Strobe Curved Led Light Bar, please feel free to contact us!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Noah Curtis

    The bar is very bright. Has many diffrent flash patterns. The pre wired harness was good quality. Wish the wires from the bar were long enough to go past the windshield so the plugs aren't in the middle. The wires for the on/off switch and controller are a little shorter than i like. Reached into the cab but not where I wanted them. The brackets for a 2015 gmc sierra didn't come with any directions of where to mount them. Had to find directions from a diffrent brand.

    Guerrero, Rogelio

    it's great


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    • Can I control multiple lightbars with one remote?

      Thank you for your question. Yes, you can control more than one light bar with one remote, just need to program the remote with all the light bars you want.

    • How wide is this light bar from mounting point to mounting point?

      Hi. the exact size is 54" from mounting point to mounting point

    • are the colors on the RBWA version individually selectable? or would you be cycling through? Basically can I switch between solid white to strobing amber with one button? Then again to strobing blue with another button?

      Hi. thanks for your inquiry , RBWA version is mix red,blue,amber on whole light bar, not single color on whole light bar , check the photo of product, there is only single white on whole light bar , it cant run automatically , you have press the button then change next strobe pattern

    • Hey would this fit a 2003 h2 hummer?

      Thank you for your question, this light bar will fit a 2003 h2 hummer, our light bars are fit for any vehicles.

    • Would this fit on a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500?

      Hello,this kind of light bar fit on all kinds of off-road vehicles,you can measure the size on your 2005 GMC Sierra 1500,then you can know if this size or other sizes fit on your 05 GMC Sierra 1500

    • Is it possible to control the brightness of the bar? Would be interested in the 54" curved with amber/white, would like to have control of the brightness though, especially in the amber setting.

      Thanks for your question! I'm sorry,it is impossible. All of our led light bar are super bright and can't control the brightness

    • Does the Red/White light bar strobe like the RBWA light bar? If so can it strobe Red & White simultaneously?

      Thanks for your question!Yes, they have same strobe pattern, if you order white/red, it can strobe single color at the same time, such as white or red。

    • If a pattern is selected, and then the light turned off, does it remember the last pattern, or do you have to scroll through all of them?

      Yes, it has memories function, it will stay the pattern when turn it off

    • The one shown has Amber, blue, and red in the middle is it available without the red light? I'd like just a amber blue in alternating colors with the white flood/spot combo.

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry, yes, we can custom them according your request, like 312w has 5 pcb board, we can make from left to right, left is 2pc 60w pcb board white/amber, middlie is 72w white/blue, right side is 2pc pcb board 60w white/blue, how do you think ?

    • What color is best for seeing at dark without blinding other people. This is for marine industry at night with other boats around. Green, red or blue? And still have good visibility.

      I recommend white red for you . They can flash white or red, can also solid white red

    • How do you sync this with your package deal of one 21.5 inch light bar w/ 2 pods? Which remotes for each product would I need to select? Is there a manual to help with the syncing process?

      it comes with sync controllers, you just need choose sync wireless remote controller, dont need any manual sync process. plug & play . 

    • If I get the red and blue option will ot still have a white light for off road use

      if you choose red and blue option, the light bar doesn't have white as off road use, if you also want white, i recommend you choose white/alternate red blue