Car LED Headlight bulbs

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  • Color temperature:6000K
  • LED Quantity:12PCS-PHILIPS-ZES CHIP              
  • Voltage : DC12V-24V   
  • Usage :Head Light                               
  • Life-span:>30000hrs
  • Power : 45W    
  • lumens : 4500LM (45W)
  • H : 4500lm (45W)
  • L : 2400lm (25W)
  • Single Beam:H1,H3,H7,H11,9005,9006
  • High/Low Beam:H4,H13,9004,9007

Order Details :  Led Headlight Bulbs(1 pair)


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Tyler Brackett

Extremely, exactly what I was looking for


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  • These Canbus ready?

    yes, it fit for any cars, including Canbus.

  • Will it plug and play or do I need to modify anything 2008 BMW e70 x5 SD

    Thx for your question !  Yes, it is plug & play.

  • What bulb size and wattage do I need for a 2005 chevy 1500

    Thx for your question !  9005 for High beam headlamp   9006 for Low beam headlamp

  • Do these new anything besides what comes with? To go into a Toyota Tacoma. 2012

    Thank you for your question !   They are upgraded products,  brighter and lighter.

  • I got a 96 Chevy Suburban K1500 would this light fit ? It says my truck has 9006 light bulb . I went to a Auto Store and ask a guy and looked up what my truck came stock with and he said 9006 so before I buy them I want to make shure they will fit cause I got after market Headlights not the stock ones . And of I do purchase them how many of the Balbs do I have to buy cause just for one of them they are 119.00 just for one . Thanks Randy Peel

    Thanks for your question. They will fit your truck. And the headlight bulb will come with 2 pieces bulbs for one set.

  • What kind would I need for a 2012 Denali hd?

    Thank you for your question. You can click the link to check what kind of bulbs will you need if you can make sure:

  • I have a frightliner M2 flatbed tow truck would this fit and what else do you have that I could use

    Thank you for your question, pls click the link to check if you don't make sure it will fit your truck:

  • Will these fit a stealth golf cart? If so what bulb size would I need.

    Thank you for your question. Pls click this link to check if you don't sure what size bulb you need:

  • The box that comes with it is the anti flicker Just wandering because I have a 2008 ram 3500

    Hi, it is not anti flicker.

  • What bulbs for low beam for a 98 chevy Silverado z71 and high beams for same truck

    Thanks for your question.we can't find out the model you want.Are you sure the size of the model?

  • Will these fit on a 95' chevy Silverado 1500?

    Yes, it does, you need know your size of bulb

  • Are these compatible with Day time running lights?

    yes, they can be used as day time running lights

  • Do you offer an 8000k bulb?

    Hi. Sorry, not yet

  • 2016 dodge charger with factory projection headlights. What size and what type do you recommend?

    Thanks for your question.This headlight bulbs suit for any model,just need to make clear the size.

  • What size do I need for a 2006 chevy Silverado and what how many watts or wats the driffence

    hi, you can use 9005 high beam and 9006 low beam, i recommand 45w , it is brighter than 25w

  • What size would I need for a 04 chevy Colorado ? Thanks

    hi, you can use 9005 high beam and 9006 low beam, they fits for your 04 colorado

  • I have a 2014 1500 ram with projectors and it comes up with 2 numbers in my user manual and you guys have the high beam number 9005 but I'm curious about this number for my low beam HIR2? Is there a cross over number for your low beam?

    hi, i check your mode 2014 1500 ram has low H11. High beam is 9005

  • Will these work correct with a 2016 ram 3500 with projector headlights?

    yes, it does, you can use 9005 low beam and h11 high beam,

  • What ones would fit a '15 RZR 1000?

    hi, yes, it fits, but we can not find your size out , you need find it by yourself

  • Do they fit a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500

    yes, H13 high /low beam fits your 2011 ram 1500

  • I have a 2014 ram sport I believe the ball is H11. Do you have a replacement LED for the fog lights as well?

    hi, yes, you should use h11, sorry, we dont have replacement led for fog light

  • What size do I need for a 1998 chevy

    is it 98 chevy pickup? you should use 9005 high beam and 9006 low beam .

  • What size do I need for 16 f150

    Hi, sorry, we cant find your suitable size for your 2016 f150

  • 07 Ford F-150. Bulb h13 right?

    hi, yes, H13 fit for your 07 f150.

  • I've got a 06 chevy 2500. Factory is 9005 H10 9145. Witch one would be the correct one for my truck?

    you should use 9005 high beam and 9006 low beam fit for your 06 chevy 2500

  • Will this work in a 2006 Silverado?

    yes, it does, 9005 high beam and 9006 low beam fit your 2006 silverado

  • What size do I need for a 98 Chevrolet Silverado k1500 pickup

    Hi. 9005 high beam and 9006 low beam fits your 98 chevrolet silverado k1500 pickup

  • Do the bulbs plug into the stock Outlet? Or do I need to get anything else?

    yes, it can plug into the stock outlet, you dont need anything else

  • Hi, I have a 89 gmc k1500 will these fit and witch bulbs

    i cant find 89 gcm k1500, just find this 1989 GMC Pickup w/Composite, 9005 high beam and 9006 low beam fit for 89 gmc pickup

  • Will these fit a 2001 f150 lariat?

    hi. yes it fit any vehicle , you need choose your matched bulb size .

  • What kind of wattage do I need for the H13 bulb on my 2005 Ford F-150

    hi. you can choose 25w or 45w , 45w is brighter than 25,

  • Will these fit my 2012 Camry, and would I have to purchase both high and low beam separately? What's total cost?

    yes, it fit any vehicle, you need choose your suitable size bulb

  • 93 chevy k2500 which bulds

    hi. 9005high beam and 9006 low beam fit for your vehicle

  • With quantity, do they come as a pair or is it $109 each?

    hi. it comes with a pair (2pc) $109

  • Which bulb size and bulb wattage do I need for a 2011 Cummins?

    is your truck 2011 ram pickup, if it is , H13 will fit for your vehicle

  • Do these have high and low beam?

    yes, choose your suitable size , it will come with high/ low beam

  • What are the beam angles on these bulbs? i need a bulb that has a 360 degree angle

    yes, our led bulb has 360 degree angle .

  • Would these fit in a 2006 Audi A3?

    hi. yes, it fit for any vehicle , you just need know what size your vehicle is

  • Can you guys send me a picture of what the H3's look like please? I have a 2010 gmc1500 that has some cheap eBay headlight projector headlights that use a H3 and just want to make sure they'll fit. Thanks!

    thanks for your questions.pls see the pic for your reference.

  • I have a question ? I got a 96 Chevrolet suburban K1500 with after market Headlights but the lights ain't that bright so I want these for my truck what size and what wattage ?

    Thanks for your question. Could you tell me what size of headlight did you use before?

  • Will these fit a 1988 Ford f350

    Hi, thanks for your inquiry. Yes, it is fit for 1988 Ford F-350. the bulb size you can choose 9004. Thank you.

  • Do any wires need to be cut or spliced? 2015 challenger 392

    Hello, it is easy to install, plug and play. You needn't do anything else.

  • Do they have the canbus resistor so they dont flicker. I have a audi tt

    yes, they have the resistor so the headlight bulbs don't flicker.