Dual Color 4D LENS Strobe Led Light Bar with Slide Bracket

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This Dual Color 4D LENS Strobe Led Light Bar is a professional off road light bar, which is durable and energy-saving. The Dual Color Strobe Led Light Bar is not only easy to install by the Adjustable Mount Bracketsbut also easy to operate with wireless remote. This Dual Color Strobe Led Light Bar is super bright when you drive on the road and working in high effective. 


1. Dimensions: 6.5"/ 9"/ 11.8"/ 14.5"/ 17.3"/ 20"/ 22.5"/ 28"/ 30.7"/ 36"/ 44"/ 50"
2. LED Power: 36W/ 54W/ 72W/ 90W/ 108W/ 126W/ 144W/ 180W/ 198W/ 234W/ 288W/ 324W
3. Lamp Luminous Flux: 2700lm/ 4050lm/ 5400lm/ 6750lm/ 8100lm/ 9450lm/ 10800lm/ 13500lm/ 14850lm/ 17550lm/ 21600lm/ 24300lm
4.Dimensions: height 3.15'' x depth 2.56''
5. Lens Material: PC
6. LED: High Intensity Epistar LEDS
7. Operating Voltage: 12-24V DC
8. Material: Diecast Aluminum Housing
9. Waterproof Rate: IP68
10. Mounting Bracket: Alu Firm Bracket
11. Body Color: Black
12 Beam: Flood Beam (60°), Spot Beam (30°), Combo Beam
13. Lifespan: 30000 Hours Above Life Time
14. Warranty: 2 Years

Order Details:

1x Dual Color 4D Strobe Led Light Bar
2-3x Adjustable Mounting Brackets
1x Wireless Remote or 1x Pre-wired Controller


About 16.40 ft extension cables:

Our wireless remote control light bar does not have an extension cord. If you choose the 16.40 ft extension cables for your wireless remote control light bar, we will return the money of the extension cord to you .Thank you !

About Brake/Turn Signal Line:

This Brake/Turn Signal Line has 3 wires, which will have different flash effects when touch with positive wire.
Black Line for Right Turn;
Yellow Line for Left Turn;
Red Line for Brake.

Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in our Dual Color 4D Strobe Led Light Bar.


Full Line Dual Color 4D Strobe Led Light Bar Dimension as following :


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Randall Rankin

Looks great. Lost a star due to the excess wiring and mounting brackets that should be more robust. A lot of the Ford pickup trucks are prewired for accessories (upfitter switches) so the switch, relay, and fuse are not necessary.

Bill Dickey

It was very easy to set up on my tractor with the remote prewired , and is extremely bright.

Kevin Interiano

Everything works like it should. Bright and love all the modes

Matthew Smith

Nice light, very bright, still trying to figure of the wiring for what I want to us it for, Highly recommend looking into VIVIDLIGHTBAR.COM if your looking for and multi use light.

John Mc Gerrigle


Daniel Doberstein

Good service and high quality new products. I received a damaged product but then I received a brand new light bar free of cost.


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  • can the light flash both red and white at the same time like alternating back and forth

    Hello, sorry, this kind of light bar couldn't flash both red and white at the same time. The ultra-thin light bar could light up alternating white and red, link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/ultra-thin-single-color-strobe-light-bar

  • What is the difference between a halo and chase halo

    Hi, thanks for your inquiry firstly. The RGB halo lights have tons of solid color, 20 strobe patterens and also music control, the APP is called "Magic Light", the RGB chasing halo lights have a lot of solid colors, 200 chasing modes, also can speed up and slow down, the APP is called "Magic LED".

  • Hi I would like to fit 2 x 50” on top off my roof one forward facing amber/white and the other facing back amber/white with the brake and turn Signal Line. Have you got a video of the brake and turn signal feature?

    Hello, yes, there is a video showing the brake and turn signal function. Please tick "ADD BRAKE/TURN SIGNAL LINE $20.00" when you order. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X85oi5hzLs

  • Does this lightbar have a solid light aswell as strobing light?

    Hello, yes, this light bar can show a solid/strobe light.

  • Is it possible to have a memory function? The power to my lightbar is activated by a switch inside my truck at the moment. Is it possible to have a memory function? so that when I turn the power on to the light it comes on instantly as constant white. And when I turn power off it goes off?

    Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. yes, these lights have a memory function.

  • I wanna purchase for my front window & rear window 36” amber/white. Mazda pickup Is the special 2 for $71.10 ?

    yes, it is special price to buy 2 light bar saving $71.1

  • Buy 2 and save is it $71.10 per or not?

    buy 2 , will save 10% off at each light bar

  • Can this bar be mounted from the ends or only from the slide bar on the back?

    this light bar can be just mounted from the slide baron the back, can not be installed from the two ends

  • Does this have a built in flasher.

    yes, all our dual color light has built in control module flasher.

  • How many lumens is the output of light?

    126W light bar's lumens is 9450lm

  • How many different to you have and how many can be on one light bar. Can do any custom

    what do you mean ? could you tell me some more detail about your question , do you mean different in size or reflector