Newest Upgrade Alternate Flash Wireless/pre-wired Remote Controller Wiring Harness for LED Pods

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Wire Harness

The newest upgrade alternate flash wiring harness is the so cool for your pods, you can use the wiring harness to make your pods flash alternatively, it would be so cool that you need't buy a new pods but just need the upgrade alternate flash wiring harness to make your old pods be a focus.

Before you order the wiring harness, pls know these:

Please make sure you need a one quad synchronous wiring harness connect four pods or a one double synchronous wiring harness connect two pods; then please make sure the interface on your pod are four pins or six pins.

What include :

  • 2 x Wireless Remote or 1 x Pre-wired Controller
  • 1 x Synchronous Wire Harness

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Rune Borgersen


Paul Simoes

Works perfectly thanks for all tour help


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  • Would this control brightness too?

    yes, it also control turn off / turn on , control brightness.

  • How many bars/cubes can be controlled with it?

    Thanks for your question! It can connect bars/cubes as many as you want,as long as there are no more than 288 vatts in total

  • How does it wire in exactly? I have a light bar now and I just need it to strobe, does it plug in or does it need to be spliced in?

    Thanks for your question.The wire harness is spliced in.

  • will this work for pods?

    yes, it does

  • Is these the right harness for the 4 pin plug

    Could you send me the clear photo of your existing wire connector ? Let me confirm whether you can order the wire harness.

  • is 59" the longest one you have ?

    Hi, thank you for your inquiry. The 59 inches is the longest.

  • Can you use this on some white rock lights to make them flash

    Hello, sorry for your inconvenience, this can't be used on white rock lights to make them flash.

  • will this work for the 7.3 flush mounting led work lights that flash amber and white and will they still flash with this?

    Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. This wire harness work for the lights, does same as the dual pods. We will free offer the harness when you buy the light.

  • I have hide away led strobes 16 function. Red+, blk-, sync and blue pattern change to ground. I'd like to control them wirelessly. Woukd this unit provide this function?

    Hello, we are so sorry to let you know that this wire harness only fit Vivid Light Bars lights.

  • Can I use this harness in place of the one that came with a hard wired controller

    could you let me konw have you purchased our lights before, we want to konw what kind of remote control you have before?

  • Can it be used to make normal/factory lights flash, high beams etc

    No, as the connector of your factory light will be not match our wiring harness.