Triple Row LED Running Board Light Stick for Car, Trucks, Emergency Vehicles (2 packs)

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        Introducing our versatile and high-performing LED Running Board Light stick that is perfect for your car, truck, or emergency vehicle. This mini dual color magnetic LED light bar features a strong magnetic base on the back coupled with a mount bracket, making it super-easy to install. With 25 modes to choose from, you can customize the light stick to suit the occasion or the outfit of the day.

        Our Running Board Light is beautifully designed with a robust and durable Aluminium Alloy Housing that radiates elegance and fashion-forward simplicity. The best part is, our Running Board Light stick comes in various sizes to suit your car or truck running board. The 47" and 59" running board lights are a complete light bar , while sizes 72.5", 83.5", and 94.5" are divided into two parts connected by a wire. Don't worry; our product photo details will guide you through the installation process.

         Make a statement on the road with our LED Running Board Light stick. Your car or truck will attract attention for all the right reasons, and you'll have a fantastic time cruising with your new running board light. Don't hesitate; order our Running Board Light now and experience the convenience and style that it brings to your vehicle.


*Color Selection

Here are 5 options of color, white, amber, red, blue and green, one circuit board one color. Running Board Light is composed of circuit boards, each circuit boards is 18W high intensity LEDS. For eample: 49" 144W is made of 8 circuit boards, 61.5" 180W is made of 10 circuit boards, you can choose several colors. 


*About Color 【Alternate color A-B】: if you choose "Alternate white-amber", it will be "white-amber-white-amber-white-amber-white-amber" (when you choose 47" 24W).

*About Color 【Half color A-color B】:If you choose ''Half white-Amber'', it means the color of the entire light bar is half white half amber.


Order Included :  

  • 2 * Single Row Light Beads LED Underglow light bars with Rocker Switch
  • 1 set complete wire
  • 1 set complete mount bracket , screw.

Specifications :

  • Powered by 12V/24V
  • Dimension:  1200mm (L)* 20mm (W)* 14mm (H)
  • LED Power: 81W=(6x9) Pcs * 1.5W each circuit board 
  • Wiring Harness Length:  9.84 (ft)
  • Body Color: Sliver
  • Operating Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Waterproof Rate: IP 68
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Lens Material: PC
  • Mounting Bracket: Magnet Mounts
  • Beam: Spot Beam (45 degree)
  • Material: Diecast Aluminum Housing 
  • 30000 Hours Above Life Time
  • 2 years warranty
  • Controller type: rocker switch 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Quinton (Vian, US)
Magnetic light bars

The first set I order were messed up the first time I put it on! So I ordered a new one and so far they are working fine. I talked to someone who apparently was have a harder day then I was and said since I put them on they wouldn’t take them back although, I had jut taken them out of the package and was deciding where I was going to place them. The wires on the passenger side next to the bar was already fraying. Anyway I’m out double for just for one set! And $270 hurts my wallet for sure!

Austin Smothers (Edmond, US)

Love the light easy install

why do you leave 1 star review ? could you help me modify it if you love the light easy install . thanks

Ed Buchholz (Richmond, US)
Running board lights

We have purchased a few of these light bars and find them to be very effective and a great deal for your money. In fact, we've used a pair to place one in the back window and one under the tailgate of one of trucks.

joseph abbass (West Monroe, US)

Triple Row LED Running Board Light Stick for Car, Trucks, Emergency Vehicles (2 packs)

Jerred Weatherby (Birmingham, US)
Lights went out again

I like the lights but I just had another bar quit working this will be my second in a year to go out don’t really want to keep buying over and over again

we provide 2 year warranty , please contact us replace if your lights has any problem in product quality

J.C. (Houston, US)
I'll tell you.

Took over a week to ship and didn't until I contacted the company. After that they came fast.

There is no paperwork that comes with them as how to wire them at all. So, power and ground are obvious enough.

12v+ control withe the positive wire.
Black wire - on (no strobe)
Red wire - slow blink
Yellow wire - fast blink.

Two very small screws at each end with magnets in the middle to secure it to the vehicle. If you have a truck with running bords and the bolts are at the bottom lip of the body, the light bar will need to be spaced above them to keep from bending the bar.

I work for a heavy haul company. These are going on a pilot truck. The brightness at night is good. Day time is noticeable.

There is a small junction box in line with the harness with no way to mount but with zip ties. I would recommend using RTV silicone to seal the ports where the wires come in and out. Also the box has 2 screws to access the circuit bord. This lid is not sealed and would recommend adding a very small amount of the RTV there as well.

Dawn Green (Winnipeg, CA)

Triple Row LED Running Board Light Stick for Car, Trucks, Emergency Vehicles (2 packs)

Interstate protective services (Remington, US)
Very bright

Brightest lights I've ever bought and vivid honors thier warranties.

Jim Harris (Syracuse, US)

third set nice light


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  • How do you keep the lights from changing pattern? I want to keep one permanent.

    there is switch button that you can use change any pattern you want . if you want keep one permanent pattern, just press the button and then stop press ,

  • Where can I get more wire that matches?

    what is wrong with your light ?

  • I am wondering I have a regular cab. Pickup truck with A8 foot box. And I would like to put all the lights underneath my door and in the front of the box. Do you have a light that you can separate? But when they're all lit up and flashing, can they all still flash at the same for it looks like it's all moving as one. If you have any questions on my question, give me a call at 9202090813.

    our running board light has as many as 20 patterns. you can change any pattern you want .

  • So I'm interested in getting these. However I see the strobe function. But does it also have an option to wire into running lights for solid amber and the ability to flip a switch and make them strobe? I think the idea is great, but would be even better if it had both running light option and option to strobe.

    yes, it can stay solid amber or flash amber via button, if you want use your own switch , you can choose custom wire opiton for customer's existing toggle or button switch .

  • So I got one of your white/ amber lights from a friend and I would like to know how to wire it up, the cord on the light is only about 8 inches long and lot of small wires, can you tell me which ones are the power and which ones make the directional work, thank you for your help.

    Hi. Please send me the photo of your lights via this contact us page