Super bright wireless dual color off road strobe light bar for trucks

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Color on both ends (White in the Middle)


Apply new style on this white amber light bar. The middle soild white, side flash amber/red/blue/green. More choice for you. Take 31.5" 180W light bar for example, which is composed of 3 circuit boards, if you choose white amber, it will be : 
Section B: soild white, no strobe flash;
Section A and C: Soild and strob falsh amber.

How to use controller:

The light bar comes with little wireless remote controller, 4 buttons.
Button "A" to turn on/off the both sides;
Button "B" is sync/ alternate flash patterns the both sides
Button " C" is steady pattern for both sides;
Button "D" is turn on/off steady middle white .

Product Description: 

  1. Name: New Dual color white amber light bar
  2. Mode: CY-B120EC
  3. Size: 7.5", 13.5", 21.5", 31.5", 41.5", 50", 52", 54"
  4. LED Power: 36W, 72W, 120W, 180W, 240W, 288W, 300W, 312W
  5. Dimensions: height 3.14'' x depth 3.54''
  6. Waterproof Rate: IP 68
  7. Color Temperature: 6000K
  8. Lamp Luminous Flux: 4680lm, 9360lm, 15600lm, 23400lm, 31200lm, 37440lm, 39000lm, 40560lm
  9. LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  10. Warranty: 2 Years

About 5-meters extension cables

Our wireless remote control light bar does not have an extension cord.if you choose the 16.4 feet extension cables for your wireless remote control light bar, we will return the money of the extension cord to you .Thank you !

Order Details:  

  • 1x LED Light Bar
  • Universal Mounting brackets
  • 1x Wireless Remote Controller or 1x Pre-wired Controller

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
James D.

Awesome light

Michael Riney (Waverly, US)
One light doesn’t work

One light out of the two I ordered doesn’t work and one of the switches that came with them is broken. There is no number for them on the web only email and they want a video of it not working so that’s annoying that I have to take time out of my day to go make a video to send them.

Stephen Harvey

Great product professional made fitted straight on to my existing set up


I got this to put behind the grill of 2011 Silverado, I got the brake and turn wire added, as well as the 4d lens, and I also requested under the special notes that it would be cool if I had a power wire for amber solid, and another wire for white solid, while still having the wireless remote so I can activate it from far away, and do strobes. They reached out to me to verify what I wanted, and to be honest, i didn't think they would do it, but they did! Now, this took a while to get, which is fine, and it is also not the best quality for spot beam, but I wanted one that I could run amber on fog lights, and white on high beams, and still have strobe, and this checked all the boxes. In case you are wondering, amber is great in foggy/ snowy conditions. Overall, a decent bar from a company that is willing to try to help you get what you want, but don't be in a rush for it, and don't expect it to have a beam pattern like a rigid, or other high output bar. For comparison, I have a 20" high output bar that comes on with high beams, as well as 2 laser pods, and I have 4 hi output led pods , and my low beam lights as low beams. This bar is a nice additional bar, that allows me to get brighter hi beams, and have a amber fog function, as well as strobes, and for an extra 10$, turn signals too.

Noah Crook

Wonderful seller. I will be buying all my lights here. Fast shipping too

Asanka Alahakone


Bernard Cook

Looks real good

Tim N.

Love the lights going to order again for my other truck soon


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  • What is the difference in the reflectors? White/Black/4D

    they use the same led chips, but different in the optic pattern,  check our product photo link

  • can these light be wired to turn on as a regular light bar & separate button to turn corner lights? i did not want to have so many remotes. i was also purchasing 4d led strobe light bar to work with this light bar

    hi, the wireless remote has separate button to control corner lights and middle main leds, you don't need more remote

  • Power source? Battery or wired to car?

    Hi, thank you for your question. All lights are wired to car to get power.

  • Does the remote control have a battery in it?

    Hi, yes, the remote control have a min battery inside it .