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    • How are these different than the RGBW chasing halo pods that are on for $119?

      Hi,Thanks for your inquiry,the RGBW chasing halo pods is 20w,this pods is 40w,It'll be brighter,So its more expensive.

    • I have rgb halos installed in my truck already and they look to use the same remote and harness as the ones pictured here. Could I wire these pods in to my exsisting harness so that they would all run off the same remote?

      Yes, you can if you confirm use use same app magic led

    • I have rgb halos installed on my truck and the remote, reciver look the same. Could i wire these rgb pods into the same harness and run them with my existing receiver/remote?

      yes, do you get same app called magic led, if so, you can use one app to control all lights

    • Is it possible to just get the light bar only?

      Hello, yes, please check this link of RGBW chasing halo light bar, Straight chasing light bar https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/rgb-chasing-halo-straight-light-bar, Curved chasing light bar, https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/rgbw-flow-chasing-halo-curved-light-bar.

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