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    • Are the measurements of the light bar measured from the face of the light or from the mounting side?

      The length is from mount to mount 

    • Can this light be wired so the blue flashes and an override for the white flood light with another switch? (For a police interceptor SUV). Example: blue flashing while responding to a call, then hit the takedown for white flood light)

      yes, it has member function , when you turn on the light bar, it will flash blue, then you press the button on the remote, it will change modes, flash white, you can change any modes you want by press the button

    • How can I wire it to my own switch

      Hello, thank you for your question. If you want to wire the light bar with your own switch, then you need to choose custom control wire and only if there is strobe function on your truck could our lights flash, besides, custom control wire will make the lights lose alternate strobe patterns. (only the whole light bar strobe, i.e., strobe all white, strobe all amber when you choose white/amber). (Here is how custom control wire works: it consists of 2 power wires and 2 signal wires, Connect two power wires to your truck battery and two signal wires to your own controller. Two signal wires control two colors separately. For example, if you choose White/Amber, one of signal wire controls white and another one controls amber. Touch the positive power wire with the signal wire to show color.) video link of how custom control wire works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-_j3KYmpAw

    • If I select the rgbw halo extra add-on, will it be the same (reliable functionality and brightness) as the 4d cree led light bar with rgbw halo? Also, if this extra is selected, will it come with a remote controller to control the color/on/off/mode of the halo?

      Hello, Thank you for your questions. With same rgbw halo, the 4D Cree is brighter than this color changing light bar, besides, 4D cree light bar is single color. Lastly, to operate the halo on/off, we have Bluetooth control box for you (scan the code and download the APP), you'll need to connect the halo lights with the Bluetooth box and then connect the positive wire and negative wire to power source, finally you open your Bluetooth and the APP, and start to play with the halo. There are many modes for you to choose. Easy installation and easy operation.

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