1 Dual Color Strobe Light Bar Sync with 8 Packs 3.2" LED Pods

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Size of a Light Bar


Mermory Function:
All Vivid dual color changing strobe light bars and pods have memory function. Memory inside the programming of lights, it keeps the same mode after you turn  off and then turn on again.

Solid / Strobe 2 colors: 
All Vivid dual color changing strobe light bars and pods can flash two colors (such as white and amber ) and also can stay steady two colors (white or amber).

Learn more about the products:

  • Dimension : 3.2" for Pods  &  13.5", 21.5'', 31.5'', 41.5'', 50'', 52", 54" for a Light Bar
  • LED Power : 20W for Pods  &  120W, 180W, 240W, 288W, 300W, 312W for a Light Bar
  • Luminous Flux : 1600lm for each Pod  &  9000lm, 13500lm, 18000lm, 21600lm, 22500lm, 23400lm for a Light Bar
  • Opitonal Beam : Flood/Spot for Pods  &  Combo for a Light Bar
  • Operating Voltage :12~24V DC for a Light Bar&Pods
  • Waterproof Rate : IP68
  • Body Color : Black
  • Lens Material : PC
  • White Light Color Temperature : 6000K
  • Housing Material : Diecast aluminum alloy
  • Mounting Bracket : Stainless Steel
  • Working Temperature : -40ºC~+85ºC
  • Lifespan : >30,000hrs
  • Wiring Harness Length : 16.4 feet (5 meters) for pods  & 9.84 feet (3 meters) for light bar
  • Warranty : 2 years warranty

Kindly Note: 8 buttons wireless remote controller can not only control the light bar and light pods independently, but also control the whole set (light bar and light pods) synchronously.

There are 8 buttons on the controller. [ Button 1 and Button 5 are turn on/off, Button 2 and Button 6 are sync strobe pattern, Button 3 and Button 7 are alternating strobe pattern, Button 4 and Button 8 are steady color pattern. ]

  • Separate control of the light bar and pods: Button 1-4 are used for the light bar, Button 5-8 are used for the light pods.
  • Synchronous control the whole set: Button 1-4 is for the whole package.

Transfer Button: Button 4. This is a button that transfers between synchronous control and separate control. Every time you want to change the way to control, please long press Button 4. 

What include in the order:

  • 8 x LED Pods  &  1 x LED Light Bar
  • 8 x Universal Mounting Brackets for Pods  &  1 x Universal Mount Bracketing for a Light Bar
  • 1 x Octave Sync Wiring Harness for Pods
  • 4 x Wireless Remote / 2 x Pre-Wired Controller

    • About Brake/Turn Signal Line:

      This Brake/Turn Signal Line has 3 wires, which will have different flash effects when touch with positive wire.
      Black Line for Right Turn;
      Yellow Line for Left Turn;
      Red Line for Brake.


      Customer Reviews

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      Jordan Walker

      Just received my light bars and pods and they look great! Can't wait to have everything rigged up on my truck.

      Marius tix lֳ¸vik Ellefsen

      It is so awesome and bright lights, really love them! Bright as hell! :D :D :D


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      • Can the bar ight come back to back

        Yes,It can.

      • How does the 8 button remote work.

        Hi, Thanks for your inquiry,It has 4 buttons to control the light bar,4 buttons to control the pods.

      • Is the 31.5 inch curved bar measured from mount to mount? Or is it measured by the face of the bar?

        Hi, thanks for your inquiry,the 31.5 inch bar is measured from mount to mount.

      • In comparison watt vs lumen other than just the safety alternating lights does your light bar stand up against some of the off-road companies? As a extra I would like to know about a package deal of 5 and 5 consisting of 4 3.5 inch and a 52 inch x2

        Thanks for your inquiry , if you want brighter light bar, we also have cree or osram light bar, they are very bright for off road. our dual-use color changing light bar are also used in special industrial as warning lights such construction, highway workers. We will upload those package deal of more lights as you mentioned, 2 light bar and 4 pods soon.

      • How does the controller work? Say I like a certain amber flash pattern, and I want to change between that pattern and say solid on white. Do I have to switch between all of the flash patterns or are any of the buttons programable to go to your selected preset?

        Thank you for your question !    It has 4 buttonsm, "A" controls off / on    "B" controls strobe patterns,  "C" controls alternate flash patterns,    " D" controls soild color

      • What is the lumen output per pod?

        Thank you for your question.  There are 1600lm output per pod

      • What brackets are supplied?

        Thank you for your question. This kit will come with all brackets for you to install.

      • Curious about wiring for the 8 pods. How long are the wires from the control unit? I would like to put 2 at all 4 corners of my vehicle. Thanks!

        Thank you for your question. The wire harness is 5 meters long, it is enough for you to put 2 at all 4 corners of your vehicle.

      • Can you just buy 2 of the pods?

        Thank you for your question, and yes, you can just order 2 pods, here is the order link:  https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-light-bar/products/3-2-wireless-remote-color-changing-flash-cube-pods

      • Looking at your 4 pack of 4” Amber/red set up. Do those come with a corded control or do they come with the wireless? And is there a pattern that Alternate Between the 2 Colors in a strob pattern?

        Hello, Yes, it comes with everything necessary. Our color changing led pods, it's dual use, when you choose amber/red, there will be solid/flash amber, solid/flash red. Please check this link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/3-alternate-sync-color-changing-strobe-led-pods-flush-pods/products/newest-4-color-changing-led-pods?variant=13641571336238

      • so my ideal setup is to have 4 pods in the front and 4 in the back of the truck. Is there a mod or patter where certain pods stay a solid color and other can strobe? And what controller would be best suited for this type of setup?

        Hello, thank you for your question, in this case, we suggest you to take 422 remote controller, which means a 8-buttons controller for separate controlling one set light, 4 buttons for light bars, 2 buttons work for the front pods, 2 buttons work for the rear pods. [i.e., you could get the front pods solid when the rear pods are flashing]

      • Can you please make a YouTube video with a full explanation of each controller type with verbal explaining?

        Hello, thank you for your question. We will take it into a serious consideration. You could also refer to the videos on facebook and the description below the products.

      • What’s a contorller??

        Hello, it's remote controller to run the lights. There are wireless and pre-wired. Besides, different controller will decide sync control or separate control to the lights.

      • Are the light bars Just amber and white or can u get red and white

        Hello, yes, you could choose white/red and we have many dual color options for your choice like white/blue, white/green, red/blue, blue/amber, RBWA, etc.

      • If I get 2 light bars would I be able to run them separately, I.E have one facing forward and have one facing rearwards? I would like to have one bar in the rear for hooking on to cargo and loading the bed, and working on equipment in the field.

        Hello, Yes, please choose 44-2 remote controller so that you could run 2 sets of light bars.

      • Is there a strobe control sold separately

        Yes, we have a wireless remote controller with 8 buttons, which will be control the light bar and the pods separately.

      • On a 50” light bar does it have a built in flasher or does it have seperate control wires for each group if you order the custom control. I will be installing the whole setup rear facing on a wrecker and trying to decide if this is they way to go or not,

        Hi, if you order the custom control wire for the package of 1 light bar and 8 pack pods, it will have 4 wire harness. Two wires will go to the power line and the others will go to control the color, will have no flash function. If you use our pre-wire remote controller or wireless remote controller, if will have 4 buttons to control the light bar and 4 buttons to control the pods. Also have 40 modes for this controller.

      • Does you product withstand the heat of Las Vegas, Nevada? Temperatures reach 117°F+ In the shade. It's probably 140°F+ in the sun.

        Yes, our products will be withstand the heat of Lagas, Nevada. Pls do not worry.