RGB chasing led whip light for utv, rzr, atv, trucks (2 packs)

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Vivid Light Bars whip light for utv,rzr, atv, trucks possesses over 200 color chasing and strobing combinations. Simultaneously, the whip light can be set to almost any pattern you can imaginable with using the Bluetooth-APP. Not only RGB but also vibrant dream wrapped colors, brightness and flash speed adjustable. And installation is really quick and easy as the whip light come with Plug & play components which anyone can put it together quickly.

Specifications :

  • Product Code: CY-LWL
  • Dimensions : 5ft  / 5050 LEDS 90pcs*0.18w=16.2W 
  • Wiring Harness Length:  9.84 ft           
  • Current: 0.3 - 3A
  • Operating Voltage : 12V DC
  • Packaging :  40 pcs/CTN
  • Waterproof Rate :IP67
  • 50000 Hours Above Life Time
  • Colors: millions of RGB colors and 200 Chasing flow modes
  • This whip lights can sync with any Vivid chasing halo headlight kit , chasing halo light bar, pods. 
  • Bluetooth app name : Magic LED
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

Order Included:

  • 2 x whips lights; 
  • 1xBluetooth Control Box

Kindly Note : If the whip lights can't be controlled, please reopen the APP, click Settings, and change the previous RGB SM16703 option to: BRG SM16703.



Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Steeve D.

So beauty at night i love this product

Matthew Medel

Love them

Dominic Czapraki

Best whips around really bright and work amazing
Would 100% buy some

Ethan Smith

Super helpful team, lights are amazing and very well made would highly recommend

Daniel Noakes

Absolutely amazing product, extremely happy

Mark S.

Easy installation, works great

Dave T.

The LED Whips work great, look great and the app for my smart device works well. Shipping was slow, but they did arrive and are now installed.

Francis Salee

Awesome light

Wilson Flancia

product does what itג€™s supposed to do however, customer service lacks at responding back and no instructions on what service to connect to

Harrison Cowen

Very pleased with the product but annoyed with the extra money I had to pay for postage especially since it didnג€™t say it when I was buying them


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  • The whip is sold as a pair, but does it come with a pair of everything? 2 whips, 2 remotes, 2 flags, etc

    Thanks for your question! Yes,it does. It comes with 2whips,2 remotes, 2flags

  • What are the dimensions of the screw for mounting?

    Thanks for for your question! The one of 1.5 meters long is 0.28 inch diameter,and the one of 1.8 meters long is 0.7 inch diameter

  • The rgb chase whips that you sell is the 189.99 price tag is that for one because under the length it says a pair

    yes, we sell them a pair (2pc), dont sell them individual

  • What type of mounting bracket does this come with? I don't see any pictures or details on the universal bracket.

    Hi, thank you for your inquiry. Pls check this video: https://youtu.be/vxZO7fqQ0sc

  • Are they a uhf airel also ?

    Hello, nope, they are not a uhf airel. They are just lights.

  • What size are the flags?

    Hello, the length of the flags are about 44cm, and the width of the flags are about 28cm.

  • Can you control the whips with a rocker switch

    Hello, sorry for your inconvenience, this kind of whip lights are controlled by an APP named Magic LED on your phone.

  • Do the whips have like a spring type bottom piece that allows the whip to bend if it needs to like for example going under a parking lot where the roof is too low? Similar to UHF Ariels

    Hello, sorry for your inconvenience, the whips haven't had something like that temporarily, but we'll consider trying to make something like this for the whips. Thanks.

  • Can I mount this to the back of my hatchback? I’m about to go camping and I want it to look sick when I go! Also I’ve been looking for months and found nothing to mount anything to my car!

    Hello, our whip lights come with universal brackets. As long as you find somewhere to install the whips at the back of your hatchback, you could mount this.

  • What size mounting stud do you use and what size hole needs to be drilled? Thank you!

    Hello, the size of mounting stud is nearly 1.2cm, and the size of the screw nut is nearly 1.95cm.

  • What is the power source?

    Hello, the power source is offered by your vehicle. You just need to hook up to the positive and the negative pole of the power.

  • Do these whips flex? Just wondering if they would hold up to highway wind and also the possibility in hitting trees.

    Hello, yes, these whips can flex. They are high-quality, durable and detachable. In general, they could hold up to the conditions you mentinoned.

  • How do we get a new remote if other is lost

    Hello, the RGB whips light is controlled by Bluetooth APP, not remote control.You could download the APP called Magic LED, then you can control it.

  • will these bend over for going through a garage door?

    Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. This whips flag light can not be bend.

  • Are these the spiral ones?

    Hello, Sorry, at present our 2 whip lights are not spiral type, but we are developing them, and we will have them later.

  • Does this whip come with a quick disconnect base or are they permanently affixed?

    Hello, thank you for inquiry. The base of our whips flag lights is detachable, not permanently afixed.

  • Is the controller waterproof

    Hello, Sorry, our Bluetooth controller isn't waterproof, please keep it away from water.

  • Do these whips come with a quick release?

    Hello, yes, all you need to do is to connect Bluetooth and operate (turn on/off, adjust the modes, speed and brightness, etc.) through the APP on your phone.

  • So how much is the color chasing package in this video led light bar and whips what all is included

    Hello, we don't know which size you want in the package, please check the following rgb chasing package deal, https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/package-deal/products/package-deal-of-chasing-halo-light-bar-pods (single color center LED) https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/package-deal/products/package-deal-for-straight-light-bars-pods (dual color changing center LED)

  • How would you mount the whip to a tool box? Does it come with a bracket?

    Hello, Yes, the whip light will come with mounting brackets.

  • Can you make it flash in just white?

    Hello, this whip light is rgb flow chasing, in which it has fixed white but no flash white. If you want flash white, we suggest you to take a look at our single color aternate flash led pods with rgbw halo. https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/3-alternate-sync-color-changing-strobe-led-pods-flush-pods/products/upgrade-single-color-alternative-flash-halo-led-pods-with-bluetooth-remote

  • Is this also controlled by the Magic LED app

    Hello, yes, this whip light is also run by Magic LED app, you could sync it with other RGBW chasing halo lights.

  • If it was secured properly could it survive highway winds?

    yes. it is very durable if you install it firmly 

  • Is it a pair as two the same size or two poles but individual size?

    Hello, thank you for your question! Both of them are the same size.