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    Insurance Policy 

    $30 for 2 year 

    Vivid light bar insure that a new light will be replaced and free of freight for a period of 1 year from the third month of purchase, refers to the following terms:

    1. Any quality problem of products when first receiving ,or using it for a while, please contact our after-sale department with pictures/videos to apply for a replacement;
    2. The lights you bought out of production or upgraded, we will send you other goods with the same price or the upgraded one;
    3. If compensation occurs within one year, you will get a new product in full at no cost;
    4. Compensation occurs in the first year, the renewal premium in the second year will increase by a certain proportion.


    Attention: You still enjoy the two-year warranty policy not buying the insurance. Please find out more information about our warranty policy.

    Suggestion: Due to the high shipping fee, we suggest that you purchase 2 year of insurance. Once there is any quality problem with the light,even if your order is more than 3 months, we can still send you a new light with the free freight. 


    Note: The time process of after-sale will be simpler and faster under insurance.




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