8 Buttons Wireless Remote Controller for Package of Dual color Light bars and LED Pods

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This Wireless Remote Controller is for dual color package of light bars and pods. 

8 buttons Wireless Remote Controller can not only control the light bar and light pods independently, but also control the whole set (light bar and light pods) synchronously.

There are 8 buttons on the Wireless Remote Controller. [Button 1 and Button 5 are turn on/off, Button 2 and Button 6 are sync strobe pattern, Button 3 and Button 7 are alternating strobe pattern, Button 4 and Button 8 are steady color pattern. ]

① Separate control of the light bar and pods: Button 1-4 are used for the light bar, Button 5-8 are used for the light pods.

② Synchronous control the whole set: Button 1-4 is for the whole package.

Transfer Button: Button 4. This is a button that transfers between synchronous control and separate control. Every time you want to change the way to control, please long press Button 4. 


Ask a Question
  • Does the controller works with all the led bar and pod you guy sell

    Hello, this controller fits for  SS, 44-1, 44-2, 422 package of light bar and led pods. It can work with 2 light bars and 8 pods at most. And it just works with dual color light bars and pods.