36"/ 44"/48"/ 49"/53"LED Wheel Rings Strip Light with Bluetooth Remote ( 4 packs )

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  • 4x LED Wheel Rings Strip Light
  • 1x Bluetooth Remote control box 

1. Product Name: LED Wheel Rings Strip Light
2. 4 pieces of universal fit RGB LED wheel well lights
3. Each LED strip has 54 LED emitters
4. Controlled by a Bluetooth Remote
5. Remote functions include on/off, flashing pattern/strobe/speed
6. Length: 36inch/90cm; 44inch/110cm; 48inch/120cm; 49inch/125cm; 53inch/135cm optional
7. Content: 4 pieces of LED strips, 4 pieces of wires (2 longer wires/2 shorter wires for front and back), module box, RGB remote, clips
8. RGB colors: tons of solid colors, 20 strobe patterns and music control


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  • What's the best size to buy for 20inch rims?

    Hi. you need measure the perimeter of the wheel. then know which one is best for you .

  • What is the wire gauge on the wheel ring lights?

    the wire gauge of wheel ring lights is perimeter.

  • Are they waterproof?

    Hi. yes, they are all waterproof

  • Do these go in the wheel wells or in between the wheel and the brakes?

    Hi. Yes, it does

  • I️ have 22x14 rims on 40x15.50 tires what size should I️ get?

    Thank you for your question, pls check the size inside the wheels to make sure the size you should get.

  • Are they wheel rings or well lights.

    Yes, they are

  • how do i know what size to get

    Hi. you need measure the length of your wheel, then decide to buy which one .

  • What app controller do these use?

    Hello, this product is controlled by Bluetooth APP named Magic Light.

  • Is their pure white on the wheel ring light strips

    Hello, Yes, this RGB including white color.

  • Do these wheel rings have extensions to reach each side of the truck?

    Hello, we offer 4 pieces of wires (2 longer wires/2 shorter wires for front and back); generally it's enough for truck.

  • How well does the controller work does it need to be pointed in a certain direction or Bluetooth control put close enough to it to work? Had a lot of problems with Similar lights dont want same thing to happen

    Hello, this product is controlled by Bluetooth APP; There is no need to worry about the direction as long as you point to the lights; if you don't too close, you could stand in several meters away to control the lights.