5'' 150w round off road lights waterproof led pod lights Dual Side Shooter led driving light for trucks, jeep, atv, utv, engineering vehicles (2 packs)

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  • Hello I have a jeep that has wiring for extra front bumper lights but I would like to wire the outside amber to my running lights, so they come on all the time. is there a wiring kit for this? thanks

    our 5" round off road light use wireless remote , you can connect it to your vehicle power source directly , yes, order come with wire kit.

  • If I want 2 on the front and say 2 on the roof or rear bumper, Could I order a 4 pack, or should I order two sets of 2? The power supply in the picture has two wires off it.

    hi, 4 packs means 4 pieces , if you want 2 on the front and 2 rear bumper, you need order 4 packs, yes, it comes with two wires red/black wires, negative and positive pole. use wireless remote to change patterns, if you want control front and rear seaprately , i suggest you order 2 sets of 2 packs, if you want control 4 packs at the same time , i suggest you order 4 packs .

  • Do you make covers for the 5" round? In Virginia, they're required to pass state inspection.

    Sorry,we do not make this product.

  • Do u sell a bigger version and do sell singles?

    yes, we will have 7" round light for sale soon

  • How many can I connect together? I'm interested in making a light bar for the top of my Jeep similar to the KC light bar with circle lights.

    you can connect at most 8 lights together . just choose 8 packs

  • In another reply you stated that you were going to come out with a 7 inch version of this light. Is there any progress with it? How about any plan on a version which the entire light could be colored/white live your led strobe pod lights, not just side lights colored.

    yes, we will sell 7inch round off road light by the end of this month

Descriptions :

 These round off road lights side shooter led ditch lights are a perfect addition to any vehicle needing to be seen. The white spot light will help you see what is in front (or behind) you with ease. Using 5" round off road lights on a plow truck, or tow truck will increase your safety. The flashing amber Fog Lights are a great way to add visibility to your car or truck.These round off road lights available in solid, flash, alternate/sync flash patterns, the small compact design allows them to be installed almost anywhere on your ride.

Specifications :

  • 45w of White LED in a 30 degree spot pattern
  • 25 patterns, included solid, flash, alternate/sync flash
  • Luminous flux: 1W 140LM  45W *140LM=6300 LM for Each Pod 
  • 30w of Amber/Green/Red/Blue LED in side shooting configuration
  • Amber can be changed from solid to strobe effect
  • Amber and White are controlled separately
  • Used or emergency, tow, race, or just to be seen
  • Turning on and off cycles from strobe to solid patterns
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 120 mm long  x 117mm width x 48mm thick
  • Wiring Harness Length 16.4 (ft)
  • Work Voltage : 10-30v, 1.5A

Order Included:
  • 2/4/6/8 x  Side Shooter round off road lights
  • Universal Mount Bracket for Pods
  • 1 set of Wiring Harness
  • 1 x Wireless Remote or Pre-wired controller
  • 1 x Synchronous Wire Harness