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    • Can you have one color on a steady burn and or switch colors so that either or is steady burn ?

      Hello, thanks for your inquiry. If you select alternate white/amber color,  choose rocker switch controller, the magnetic light bar can stay alternate white/amber. If you choose new custom wire controller,  it will stay white or amber, or alternate white amber.

    • Are these flexible at all? Where I'd like to mount these have a slight curve to it...

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. This light is not flexible at present because of material problems. If a better material is found, it should solve this problem, and we will inform you at that time.

    • Do I need the custom wire for strobe affect? Dose the wireless remote have strobe feature on it without custom wire?

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. our remote control has strobe function,[Button A is Turn On/Off, Button B is sync strobe/flash patterns, Button C is alternate strobe patterns, Button D is solid pattern.]

    • I would like to purchuse these for under the doors on a new ford f350. However it is an Aluminum truck. is there any other way of mounting?

      Hi, Sorry, this lights currently has no other mounting brackets, only magnet attachment.

    • Can the version with the wireless remote control come with longer wire between the light bar and control box? To allow better hiding of control box

      Hi, Please note the length you need when buying, we can help you lengthen the wiring harness.

    • If you purchase 2 sets of the 59" can 1 remote control operate all 4??

      Hi, Yes, please note when placing your order that you only need 1 controller to control all lights, we will arrange a synchronous controller for you.

    • Can extra magnets be bought or added ?

      Hi, yes, just leave a notes when you place the order.

    • Can you have 3 colors that Steve and then switch to two?

      Hello, This is a single-color light. Different sizes are spliced from different sections, so you can have different colors for each section. For example, the 18'' 9W is composed of 3 sections, and the color can be red-white-blue.

    • Are the magnets strong?? And can these be used on semi trucks as underglow

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes it is strong enough and these be used on semi trucks as underglow.

    • Can it come with out the magnet mounts and have bolt on instead

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. Sorry, we only have magnet mounts and no bolt now.

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