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    • How do you install?

      Firstly,you need to cracked take your headlight apart,then use adhesive back the halo install it on the headlight

    • do these lights come with an actual remote or are they bluetooth to a phone app? If they are bluetooth to a phone what app are the compatible with?

      Thank you for your question.  No, they don't come with an actual remote, they bluetooth to a phone via an app called " Magic Led"

    • Is that the whole headlight assembly or just the little led strips?

      they are just led halo , not including headlight assembly .

    • Can they be wired in a way to work as turning lights?

      Thank you for your question, but sorry, they can't, they just the halos for the headlights, maybe we will make it come ture in the furture.

    • Do the halos still work with the ColorMorph app not the new apps that are offered?

      if you have our new app Dreammagic , it will cover ColorMorph app function . dont need order regular app halo headlight kits

    • They do turn plain white for driving right?

      yes, it can solid million colors, including pure white

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