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    • Can these be used as flashers? Also can one be blue in color and the other in white or red. I'm a Vol Fireman and thought these would be good for a grill mount.

      No, thay can't.   I think these will be useful for you. They not only used as normal light bar, but also used as flashers.     link     https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/package-deal

    • I have rgb halos installed in my truck already and they look to use the same remote and harness as the ones pictured here. Could I wire these pods in to my exsisting harness so that they would all run off the same remote?

      Yes, you can if you confirm use use same app magic led

    • I have rgb halos installed on my truck and the remote, reciver look the same. Could i wire these rgb pods into the same harness and run them with my existing receiver/remote?

      yes, do you get same app called magic led, if so, you can use one app to control all lights

    • Can just the middle light be wired to a separate switch than the halo lights? Trying to build some headlights for a rzr and want to be able to turn the middle light in with a switch and not an app

      Hello, thanks for your inquiry. Our middle light wired to a separate switch, it is control by switch not an app,
      and our halo lights control by app, it can meet your requirements.

    • I’m wanting to buy your 3 inch led pods with the halos and need 4 of them and was curious if I buy a 4 pack if All the light will work off of 1 harness? And if they come with 2 sets of brackets?

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. If you buy 4 pack, it will come with 4 brackets and one set of wireharness to control them.

    • Can pods come with hood mounts? Or are they compatible with light-bar mounts?

      Hello,we offer free wire harness and mounts, included all the accessory that they need.

    • Can all of your products be hooked to an SPOD in a jeep?

      Hello, all the chasing pods could be hooked to special spot in your jeep and connected by same Bluetooth Controller.

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