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    • On the halos, will they operate off of a 14v system? Reason being is the other halos I bought I had to also buy a resister to drop the voltage.

      Yes, it's OK that above 12 V

    • Does this come with a duel harness for four pods? Where are these pods made?

      hi, if you order 4 pods, we will send two set dual wire harness, we are in China, so made in China.

    • Would it be possible to mount these on the rear bumper?

      surely, you can use them on the rear bumper .

    • Are the halo cubes set up for the color chasing?

      these halo cubes are regular color changing , we also have color chasing if you want .

    • Are the halo cubes set up for the color chasing halos?

      yes, we also have color chasing halo pods.

    • Is there any flash patterns and how many wire harness do the 4 pod come with

      Hello, thank you for your questions!
      Firstly, this one's center led is steady white color, which means it will have no flash patterns, while the halo is flow chasing.
      Secondly, normally we send quad wire harness with the 4 pods.
      We will release 3" color changing center led cubes with chasing halo next Monday.
      Please keep focused~

    • Hello, Does it work with 24DC power ?

      Hello, We just checked that our factory could custom chasing work lights which works with 24V. You need to leave note after place order.

    • Can u wire these to an atv (quad) and would the battery be big enough. And would u need a switch in the circuit. Thanks

      thank you for your inquiry. our lights usually uses 12v voltage, so the battery is big enough. besides, there will be a switch connected to the power, and there is also a switch on the controller.

    • Are these lights comparable with the app “magic led light v2” this is the app that’s hooked up to my headlights. Itd be more convienent if it was!

      I am sorry to tell you that the app of controlling our light is magic led light v1.

    • Can the App control both sets of pods as well as a 50" bar simultaneously?

      Hi. yes, we can make a set sync wire for you , you can control one light bar and 2 chasing halo pods simultaneously

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