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    • On the halos, will they operate off of a 14v system? Reason being is the other halos I bought I had to also buy a resister to drop the voltage.

      Yes, it's OK that above 12 V

    • Does this come with a duel harness for four pods? Where are these pods made?

      hi, if you order 4 pods, we will send two set dual wire harness, we are in China, so made in China.

    • Would it be possible to mount these on the rear bumper?

      surely, you can use them on the rear bumper .

    • Are the halo cubes set up for the color chasing?

      these halo cubes are regular color changing , we also have color chasing if you want .

    • Are the halo cubes set up for the color chasing halos?

      yes, we also have color chasing halo pods.

    • Can u wire these to an atv (quad) and would the battery be big enough. And would u need a switch in the circuit. Thanks

      thank you for your inquiry. our lights usually uses 12v voltage, so the battery is big enough. besides, there will be a switch connected to the power, and there is also a switch on the controller.

    • Are these lights comparable with the app “magic led light v2” this is the app that’s hooked up to my headlights. Itd be more convienent if it was!

      I am sorry to tell you that the app of controlling our light is magic led light v1.

    • Can the App control both sets of pods as well as a 50" bar simultaneously?

      Hi. yes, we can make a set sync wire for you , you can control one light bar and 2 chasing halo pods simultaneously

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