4" 18W Dual Color Strobe LED Pods

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4" Dual Color Strobe LED Pods:

About Brake/Turn Signal Line

This Brake/Turn Signal Line has 3 wires, which will have different flash effects when touch with positive wire.
Black Line for Right Turn;
Yellow Line for Left Turn;
Red Line for Brake.

The 4" Dual Color Strobe LED Pods are the newest member of the pods family, its appearance is a little different with the 3 inch one, but the modes are the same, and it has more functions, it is brighter and more concentrated. With the adjustable mounting brackets, you can easily change the position and direction.

Learn More About the Products:

  1. Dimension: 4" length x 3.5" height x 3" depth
  2. Power: 18W 
  3. Waterproof Rate: IP 67
  4. Color Temperature: 6000K
  5. Input: 12V-24V
  6. Lifespan: >30,000 hrs
  7. Body Material: Powdercoated Cast Aluminum
  8. Working Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃
  9. Warranty: 2 Years

What include the package:

  • 2/4/6/8 x  4" Dual Color Strobe LED Pods
  • Universal Mount Bracket Pods
  • A set of Wiring Harness
  • 1x Wireless Remote
  • 1 x Synchronous Wire Harness


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael O.

Not the best lights controller wise, first one sent was faulty out of the box (broken control wire) which the vivid team was fantastic in assisting to fix, they sent a new one out right away, great customer support.

However, the quality of these lights leaves some to be desired. Every time they get power, they flash which is frustrating. In addition, just recently figured out if you put them too close to a high power antenna, the rf emission is enough to trip the control circuit and they go absolutely haywire while you transmit.

Other than that, both the white and the amber are bright as advertised.

J.L.S. (Clayton, US)
4”led lights

They are bright and they are easy to setup

Emily Vella

Great quality lights and good customer service. Definitely make sure to contact them to ensure you get exactly what youre after.

Ranjit Rooprai

Amazing lights amazing brightness and wicked quality. I get all my leds from here installer at illumitronics inc.

David Goodwin

Ideal for tough multi purpose environments where you need worklights and hazard light facilities all in one package .

Etes Damien

Juste super, puissant, lumineux, de trֳ¨s bonne qualitֳ©..je recommande :grinning:


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  • I know these can be constant on or strobe. But say I want to wire them to do both off of separate circuits. Is that possible. For example wire constant on white to the reverse light circuit, and then blue and white strobe to my existing emergency light circuit.

    Hi,Thanks for your inquiry , It is possible,We have custom wires ,you can connect it to your own control system, use your own system to change colors, if your control system has flash modes, the lights will flash, if not, it wont flash .

  • Does it come in all colour of you need to request the colour u want?

    Our alternate flash led pods hae white/amber,white/red,white/green,white/blue etc. if you need all colors combination,you can make a note under the order.

  • Can I wire to a dash switch for on off and use the remote if I want to change strobe or color and is there memory for last function

    Hi. thanks for your inquiry , our lights have custom wire version , it comes with 4 wires, 2 wires is for power battery, 2 wire is for dual color signal
    wires. if you want connect it to your dash switch control, you wont use our remote controller. at the same time , all our color changing lights has
    memory function, can stay the last modes after you turn it off.

  • How many lumens per pod?

    Thx for your question !  It's 2400lm each one.

  • Can I run the cubes in conjunction with a light bar off of one remote? I am wanting a 30" light bar and two cubes.

    Thx for your question !  Yes, you can.  Just choose the sync wireless controller.  https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/package-deal/products/package-deal-of-color-changing-light-bar-4-18w-alternate-flash-pods

  • can i order 2 pairs and have each pair be a different color combination. so one pair be white/amber, and the second pair be white/blue??

    Thank you for your question. Yes,you can.  Just note it when you order.

  • Do they strobe only 1 color at a time or can they strobe alternately , for example could white/amber strobe( white-amber-white-amber ) ?

    Thank you for your question !  Yes, they can only strobe 1 color at  a time, can't strobe color alternately like you said

  • What does the custom control wire do? looking for pods that flash amber but i can override the flash with a white steady scene light with the push of a SWITCH not a remote fob. thanks for your time, hopefully thats easy to understand

    Thank you for your question, the custom control wire is for those people who wants to wire the lights to their own switch, and then they can change modes by them self, not through the remote.

  • Can I use the 4 inch color changing pods as steady on lights as well as strobes?

    Thank you for your question, and yes, you can. There is a mode on steady lights also mode that can strobe.

  • Please add/send me a photo of the pod with the mounting bracket included.

    Thank you for your question, please email to amy@vividlightbars.com to get the photos.

  • So let’s say I get white and amber They will strobe both colors or stay solid both colors?

    Thanks for your question. These pods can strobe both colors, also can stay solid color.

  • How do you program the strobe patterns?

    Thanks for your question. We preprogram the remote for you before we ship the lights to you. And there will be an instruction come with them.

  • Does the 4inch color changing alternant flash led pods come with all the wiring you need to install them?

    Thank you for question. The pods will come with everything including the wiring harness for you to install.

  • Is each pod 30 watts or is it 30 watts per pair?

    Hi,Thanks for your inquiry, Is each pod 30 watts.

  • What is the custom control wire

    Hi, Thanks for your inquiry,The custom control wire just comes with 4 wires,2 of them wires work for power,the other 2 wire works for two colors signal wires,it doesnt have any modes. You have to connect it to your own control system,use your own modes,if your control system has flash modes,the light will flash,if not,it wont flash.

  • I have selected the pre wired controller and rgb chasing halos and I’m wondering how I will be able to control the halos colour. There are only 4 buttons on the remote that is pictured which I assume would control the colour and strobe/solid so I am wondering how it will work

    Hello, the colors of RGB chasing halos are controlled through an APP named Magic LED. You could download it to your phone so that you can control the colors.

  • Can I sync these pods with my other vivid light bar that is already installed on my truck

    Hello, yes, you only need to purchase another set of sync harness and notes when placing order.

  • Will the strobe feature still work if the chasing halos are on. Say I have red and white strobing for firefighting and I have chasing halos on will the strobes run while the chasing halo is going?

    Hello, yes, it's possible cause they are separate. [The white/red LED is remote control and the chasing halo is controlled by Bluetooth APP, i.e., you could get the center LED stobe while the chasing halo is on.]

  • Do all the lights get wired into a control box that communicates with the remote controller?

    Hello, yes, they will be wired into one control box and control by one remote controller if you like.

  • Can I get a wired remote controller and a wireless remote and have them both control the same lights?

    Hello, for this 4 inch 30W led pods, both wired and wireless remote could control the same lights; If you want both wired and wireless controller, please add more controller in your order and leave a note of it so that we could make it right.

  • If I order a pair of these pods and a pair of flush mount pods will they both work on one remote controller?

    Hello, yes, both of them could work synchronously on one remote controller, please leave a note of it when you place order so that we could make it right for you.

  • If I order 2 pairs of lights, can I get 1 pair of flush mount brackets for it?

    Hello, we offer univesal brckets for all our pods. If you want flush mount, we could exchange the two of them into flush mount pods. Please check this link for flush mount pods. https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/3-alternate-sync-color-changing-strobe-led-pods-flush-pods/products/3-2-wireless-remote-led-color-changing-flush-pods-lights

  • If I choose to get the chasing halo, is there a way you can stop the chasing and just make it a steady halo? Also, what brackets are included, if i order a 2 pack, can I flush mount 2 of the lights and regular mount the other two? Thank You.

    Hello, there are also millions of solid colors for the chasing halo, so you could stop the chasing and make it a steady halo; We offer standard L mount bracket. If you want flush mount, we could exchange the two of them into flush mount pods. Please check this link. https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/3-alternate-sync-color-changing-strobe-led-pods-flush-pods/products/3-2-wireless-remote-led-color-changing-flush-pods-lights

  • Could you wire the amber wire to your blinker and the wire for the white to a switch? Also if I added the rgbw halo, how would I change the colors for it, does it come with a control or something?

    Hello, firstly,If you want to wire to your blinker, then you need to choose custom control wire and only if there is strobe function on your truck could our lights flash, besides, custom control wire will make the lights lose alternate/sync strobe patterns.  (Here is how custom control wire works: it consists of 2 power wires and 2 signal wires, Connect two power wires to your truck battery and two signal wires to your own controller. Two signal wires control two colors separately. For example, if you choose White/Amber, one of signal wire controls white and another one controls amber. Touch the positive power wire with the signal wire to show color.) Secondly, if you add RGBW halo, your package will come with a Bluetooth Controller and you will control the colors and patterns of the halo through the APP with Bluetooth connected on your phone.

  • If I buy these with the custom control wire, and I activate BOTH trigger wires (amber and white), which color will activate? If you try to activate both, which will it choose?

    Hi, there are 4 wires in custom control wires; 2 of them are power wires, which are used to connect power; the other two are signal wires, which control which color you want to show, amber or white. So if you activate both signal wires, it will show a color between amber and white. And it will cause the pods to easily burn out, which will shorten the lifespan of the products. So we don't suggest to activate both. What we suggest to do is only activate the white signal wire if you want white or activate the amber signal wire if you want amber. Only one color for once.

  • Yes, I’m wondering if you have a video of the red/white pods flashing? I’m on two volunteer fire departments and I have spaces cut in an after market bumper I think these would be perfect for. If you don’t have a video that is fine.

    Hi. Thanks for your inquiry , yes, we have, pls check this 4pack 4inch 30w white red led pods. it has as many as 40 modes. https://instagram.com/p/BcBazVRFt4g/  

  • Installing a new bumper which will be taking the turn signals off my truck. Can I wire this up to be used as turned signals?

    yes, you can use it as brake turn signal /reverse light , when you place an order, please choose add brake turn signal reverse wire.