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    • How do you install it

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry.  It comes with mounting brackets and easy to install.

    • Do the 5 ft. whips come with quick disconnects for easy plugin & unplug for storage?

      Hello, thank you for inquiry. The base of our whips flag lights is detachable, not permanently afixed. Easy to plugin & unplug for storage.

    • Is the controller waterproof?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. Sorry, our Bluetooth controller isn't waterproof, please keep it away from water.

    • How long before we will see these spiral type in 5ft length?

      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. It will be available in about 2 weeks, because we need a test.

    • Is the selection for only one come with 2 whips?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. If you select only one just come with only one whips, not two. Please choose 2 PACK come with 2 whips.

    • Does this have a warranty?

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. All of our led lights come with 1 year warranty.

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