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    • Can you link these with your other products? (Pods and light bars) so you can control them all to do the same flash/color changing pattern at the same time?

      Thx for your question !    No they can't, they use different apps.

    • Is that wiring harness (5 meters) big enough to reach all 4 wheel wells on a 4 door 2008 Chevy Silverado?

      Thank you for your question, yes, the wiring harness is long enough to reach all 4 wheel wells.

    • What all colors do these lights come in?

      Thank you for your question. The rock lights will come in plain white, red, green, blue, and other mixed colors.

    • Can you use this as a strobe effect only or does it have to be linked to music?

      Yes,they can. This rock light can strobe million of colors in pure color or color combo,and it has 20+ flash patterns
      And it can link to music and controlled by music

    • I already bought a set of 4 will I be able to link another set and run them off the same app?

      Sorry, for the rock lights, as there are different bluetooth controller for each set, you cannot use the same APP to control them.

    • Are the rock lights covered under any warranty?

      Hello, we also offer 1 year warranty for rock lights.

    • Doesn’t it do all colors or just blue??

      hi, thank you for your inquiry, what i want to tell you is that the color of the rock lights is RGBW, it can flash all colors, not just blue. 

    • Where can I find the light bar

      hi, you can purchase it online, this is the 21.5'' light bar link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-light-bar/products/color-changing-21-5-inch-light-bar    or you can view it on our website https://www.vividlightbars.com

    • Can you link 2 sets together to act as a set of 12?

      yes, of course. you just need to add the two bluetooth in the same group via bluetooth app . then control the bluetooth group to control all lights .  

    • I only get some of my music is there anyway for me to get all of it or just allows limited amount?

      Hello, music is limited for now.

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