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    • How do you connect the Bluetooth to your phone please explain

      Firstly,connect the bluetooth controller box to between power battery and driver of halo lights, secondly, dwnload the app one your phone.open  your  app search  for bluetooth device,then you  can use app to control the lights.

    • Is there an app o download?

      yes,you can search app called "magic light"in your app store,then download and install it .

    • I do not understand how to plug the halo rings into the bluetooth controller

      Hi. Check our product photos showing how to connecting

    • How do these get attached to the plastic clear cover?

      Thank you for your question, there will be glues behide the headlight kits, you just need to tear the glue off and paste the halo headlight on your headlight.

    • I just bought this kit for my 99 I was wondering if they sync and flow with music that is also Bluetoothed to the radio?

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. This RGB halo haedlight kits is run by Bluetooth APP called Magic Light, Music Control, they can sync and flow with music and up to 20 strobe patterns.

    • Where are the instructions for installation?

      Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. They are easy to install, you just need to tear the glue off, then paste the halos on the position where the headlights at.

    • What are the dimensions of the product?

      Hello, the dimension is 200*98.5mm.

    • Is it just the 7 colors or are the many more?

      Hello, this product is RGBW color, in which there are tons of solid colors including true red, true blue, true green & true white and up to 20 strobe patterns.

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