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    • Will this light be compatible with the 12 piece Rock well lighting controller I purchased from you?

      Thanks for your inquiry,They are not compatible.they are controlled by two different apps.

    • What all does the package come with just the headlights or everything in the picture

      Hi. yes, it including all necessary accessories, such as bluetooth box, wire, driver etcs

    • so for 76 bucks you don't get the rgb set up?

      You can get the rgb set whether you add rock lights or not

    • Can it fit on a 05 sierra 2500 emblem

      yes, it fits all series chevy truck ,

    • Does this package include the emblem light, and the headlights? Or what does it all come with?

      it comes with gmc emblem , not including headlight

    • Is the size of the led logo the same size as the emblems 07-13 sierras?

      Hi. i dont know what size of 07-13 sierras, but our chevy emblem is 9x3.5" halo, could you check if it is same with your current sierra emblem

    • Will the led emblem work on a 98 yukon

      yes, it fits for any gmc vehicle .

    • What is a rock light

      Hi,Thanks for your inquiry,2" RGB color changing led rock light with Bluetooth Controller. It can be controlled by the mobile phone,can be pure red, green, blue,and also you can DIY the other RGB colors you want ,it can work with music,the strobe pattern can be changed along with the rhythm.

    • Can I use the stock grill with this product ?

      Thank you for your question. What dose your stock grill look like please?

    • Will this work with with an aftermarket grill

      Hello, you could check the dimension of this emblem 12" x 2", besides, there is glue behind the emblem so you could stick it directly.

    • can i remove the black backing without affecting the lights? im trying to mate this light setup behind an OEM gmc emblem. i just dont want the backing to be visible.

      Hello, I'm so sorry to let you know that we don't suggest you to remove the black back. If you don't want the black back, you could try this. https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/gmc-halo-headlight-kit/products/gmc-led-rgbw-flow-chasing-emblem-light-with-bluetooth-app-remote-control

    • Can I get just the GMC emblem? If so how much?

      Hello, yes, choose option"NONE" and there will be only GMC emblem in the package. Original price is 90 dollars.

    • I'm trying to find the front grill emblem light up kit for 98 gmc where can I get it

      Hello, you could check this one to see if it fits your 98 GMC, Size is 310mm*50mm.

    • hello does this come with remote control

      Hello, this product is controlled by Bluetooth APP remote control, you need to scan the code on the bluetooth controller box to download the APP.

    • What Size Are The Rock lights?

      Hello, it's 2 inch.

    • Will it fit a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500?

      Hello, Yes, it fits all GMC vehicles, so it will fit your 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

    • What does the option 8 and 6 mean

      hi, it is the option to select the rock light, if you want it to decorate your vehicle, you can add it into shopping cart.

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