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    • How good is the blue tooth app connection for iPhone? And how well does the app work?

      Thx for your question !  It's easy and quick to connect to iPhone,   and it works very well.

    • will these reach all the wheel wells for a extended cab long bed truck

      We have the extended wire for you to reach al the wheel wells for a extended cab long bed truck.

    • Hi, can you add multiple kits together? We have a client who wants to light up the entire out side of an airstream motor home, so would need a lot of lights around 15 - 20. Of if you offer another solution please could you let me know

      Yes, we can add one control 16 kits,and we will upload the product to our website,then you can buy it on our website later.

    • Is there a way to make rock lights change with the color changing halos?

      Sorry,not yet.

    • is it possible to use these without relying on a phone

      Thanks for your question.It is just controlled by Bluetooth APP.

    • Can I use multiple bluetooth kits with one blue tooth control box and remote?

      Thanks for your question.The rock lights you are interested in can be controlled by one Bluetoot app box.

    • Hey I was wondering if you had rock lights in white?

      hi, sorry, not yet , it doesnt have pure white

    • What kind of warranty do the rock lights have?

      Hi. all our products has lifetime warranty . including rgb rock lights

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