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    • Can you put it on the front

      Yes, it can be put on the front.These lights connect with license plate lights,you just need measure that what size is your front logo

    • Fit a 99 Chevy s10

      Thanks for your question! It can replace the original factory logo,this logo is 6.69"x2.17", you can measure your logo size

    • Does these come in green

      Hello, I am sorry. The logo is currently available in only three colors:White,Red,Ice blue.

    • Can it change colors or is it only red or blue or white?

      Hello, sorry, it's not color changing. You can choose only one color from the color options, i.e., white, blue or red.

    • Could I wire it to my headlights so it turns on when they do and will it fit a 03 avalanche

      Hello, Yes, you could and this LOGO lamp fits all the CHEVROLET type.

    • Which part of this lights up, the inside or the chrome trim?

      Hello, the lighting-up part is the outline, chrome trim.

    • Can the emblem be done in black?

      Thank you very much for your question. But I'm sorry. We don't have black ones at present. You can consider this one: https://www.vividlightbars.com/products/chevrolet-logo-head-light

    • Do y’all make one for 88-98 chevy?

      Hi, thank you for your question, it usually fits for all cars of chevy, the size of this logo is 6.69x2.17 inch, you can refer to this data to see if it fits for you vehicle.

    • Do you have them for 2017 silverado

      hi, yes, it can be used for 2017 silverado, and the size of this logo is 6.69x2.17 inch, you can refer to this data to see if this size fits your vehicle.

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