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    • Do all 4 halo rings comes in one purchase?

      Thank you for your question. This order will come with 4 halo rings and one Bluetooth box. You can check the details on the page.

    • Do these come prebuilt or not

      Thank you for your question, these just come with the headlight halos, not including the headlights.

    • Is this for top and bottom or just top? Question also for the RGBW

      Thanks for your question! It's for top and bottom,and also apply to the RGBW

    • Do these just flow or can they stay one color

      Thanks for your question!Yes, not only it can flow ,but also stay any color, as it has color wheel

    • Can I purchase the controller box separately

      Hello, you could purchse Bluetooth control box separately but please make sure it will work for your light bar, order link, https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/accessories/products/chasing-bluetooth-remote-controller-for-chasing-led-halo-lights

    • How do you put them in the headlights

      you need take the headlight apart, then install the halo on headlight outline 

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