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    • I have a 2k tundra. Do you have kits for it?

      Thank you for your question.  Our light bar and pods fit any model of truck.

    • Would you be able to tell what size halos i need by just lookin at a picture. I have halo rings in my headlights now but want to take them out and put color changing ones in but i dont know what size they are?

      Hi. sorry . we dont really all size for all vehicles. as there are so many different vehicles, you need take the stock headlight out , the measure it correctly . then know what size you need purchase .

    • I only need to buy 2 halo rings can I do that instead of buying four? For a cheaper price?

      Thanks for your question.We are so sorry that we just sell this kits in set.

    • I need 2 75mm Bluetooth rings. Is that something you have?

      yes, it is here we just have 70mm and 80mm, dont have 75mm

    • Does this come with 4 halo rings or 2?

      Thanks for your question.it comes with 4 halo rings.

    • Are projector and halos different, and if so how?

      ok, no problem , they can be controlled separately.

    • Can you put these in projector headlights?

      yes, it can

    • Are these designed to be installed inside the headlight housing or can they be glued to the exterior? Waterproof?

      hi, thank you for your inquiry. what i want to tell you is that the halo headlight kits are installed inside the headlight housing, and they are waterproof. 

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