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    • Can i buy a entire headlight assembly that already has the halo built in

      Thank you for your question !   No,you can't.  I'm sorry for that we don't have headlight assembly

    • Does the half ring and full ring for one side use the same driver? so you cant control the half and full rings separately?

      Thanks for your question! No,they don't use the same driver,they use own drivers each one. But they controlled by one bluetooth remote,so cant control them separately

    • do you have a pair of 06-08 dodge 2500 halo head lights (like pictured) made up and ready to ship out???

      Thanks for your question.Did you purchase this halo head lights on our website?We can't find the order record.Could you tell us the order number,we will check it for you.Thanks a lot!

    • Will they work on my 04 dodge too?

      Hi, we also have 02-05 Dodge Ram fits your 04 Dodge 

    • Do you have to have them professionally installed?

      Thanks for your question.Pls see the following steps for reference:
      1. Remove the original bulb;
      2. Screw off the adapter from the bulb body;
      3. Install the adapter and lock the adapter ring;
      4. Insert the bulb body;
      5. Connect the cables accordingly then palce the driver appropriately.

    • How do you install this item? Looking at buying it but don't want to get in over my head on install.

      hi. you need take apart the stock headlight , then paste the halo intside .

    • Is there a number I can call you at?

      Hi. Sorry, you can ask any question here. i will answer you right now , thanks for your cooperation .

    • How good is the white

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. This RBG Halo headlight kits includes white color.

    • Can I use a different bluetooth controller to run these? Already have demon eyes and a controller that can control 3 rgb accessories. Want to keep it to one app to run everything

      Hello, please let me know your order number or email so that I could check for you whether it fits or not. You could also email to sales02@vividlightbars.com.

    • Can shipping type be changed to faster delivery?

      Hello, we generally choose DHL or FedEx for our customer, 3-5 business days for delivery.

    • Do these come with a black headlight cover? Don’t think the halos will look good on clear headlights

      hi, thank you for your inquiry. what i want to tell you is that the our halo headlight kits only come with a white headlight cover, the color of the cover can't be changed at present.

    • I just order this kit recently and today I went to hook them up and most of the wirings are bad. I would like to do a warranty claim. What would I need to do to make that possible?

      We feel terribly sorry for all the inconvenience caused. Please contact our after-sale service, sales01@vividlightbars.com. We will make every effort to solve and do better in the future.

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