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    • I'm just wondering what the thickness of the 31.5 bar is

      Hi. Thanks for your inquiry . the height of light bar is 7.8cm ,  the depth of light bar is 9cm . length is 31.5inch .

    • Can your 31.5 inch lightbar accommodate to fit in 32 inch bolt holes

      Thank you for your question !  I don't think so,  our 31.5" light bar is exact 31.5".

    • Since it is a 31.5 inch bar can the bar accommodate to fit in 32 inch bolt holes 32

      Thank you for your question, we don't think so,  our 21.5" light bar is exact 31.5 inch

    • If I get a white/blue, can it be dual mode? Where if I flip a switch it's solid white and then hit another switch it strobes blue? I'm a deputy sheriff and need it to function this way in order to use it.

      hi. thanks for your inquiry , no , it has 11 modes. it can solid white/ blue, also strobe white/blue. it has memory function, it will stay the mode after you turn it off. the remote has 4 buttons, A is turn on/off, B is strobe patterns, C is back and forth, D is solid colors modes

    • Does the pattern save from the last used pattern, so when you turn it back on, it will go the last pattern used?

      Yes,it does, have memory function 

    • If I order white/blue will it strobe just blue or does it only strobe both colors

      hi. yes, it can also strobe two colors, also solid two colors, you can change any mode every time .

    • I'm interested in tge 31.5 color changing lightbar red/blue. My question is, does it have an override to switch to solid white to run in conjunction with brightlights

      hi, sorry, if you order red/blue, it doesnt have solid white, we have at most two colors such white/red, white/blue, it can solid white, red, also strobe white, red

    • If you have a roof rack that takes a 30” bar will yours fit it since you don’t need to use the mounts

      Hello, our 31.5-inch light bar is actually 31.5-inch without bracket, you'd better measure your size before purchasing.

    • How kind is the standard harness. And I want to get the blue/white bar as I am a fire fighter can the blue and white flash together or is it just either blue or white

      Hello, thanks for your inquiry. The light bars included all the accessory that they need (wire harness & Universal Mounting Bracket for a Light Bar). if you got the blue/white, it's dual use, there will be solid/flash white, solid/flash blue.

    • Curious on the RGBW Halo. I see that it has an option to select the halo as an addition, but how do I know what color it will be. Only wanting to have 2 solid colors for halo so I wasn't sure if there was a setting for that or if the colors followed the same as you selected for your light bar colors which would be fine.

      Hello, thank you for your inquiry. For the halo[including RGBW halo & RGBW chasing halo], they are Bluetooth APP control; both of them includes millions of solid colors [including true red, true green, true blue and true white]; There are music control and up to 20 strobe modes in RGBW halo; while RGBW chasing halo have up to 200 chasing patterns. It will be up to you to choose add RGBW halo or RGBW chasing halo.

    • The white/ half red half blue does that mean it’s white on one mode then red and blue on strobe mode

      Hello, white/ half red half blue means that there will be steady white, steady "half red half blue", strobe white. strobe "half red half blue".

    • Does the RGBW chasing halo optido solid halo lighting as well?on

      Hello, yes, the RGBW chasing halo option support solid halo lighting as well, there are solid halo color like true red, true blue, true green and so on.

    • if i get a red/white bar with the custom wire and put a strobe module on the red part and a regular switch for the white,if its strobing red and i want the white to shine,do i have to turn off the strobing red?

      Yes, you have to turn off the strobing red if you want the white to shine, you could only choose either white or red to strobe.

    • What’s the distance between bolt holes with the brackets on ?

      Hello, the distance from mounting hole to the other one for 31.5" light bar is about 85cm

    • If I buy it with the white/Amber does it the whole bar stay on solid white if I want.

      Hi, you can use the remote to keep the whole light bar stay on solid white.

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