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    • Can these lights be put on the front

      Thanks for your question ! Yes,these lights can be put on the front.These lights connect with license plate lights,you just need measure that what size is your front logo

    • How do I take off my tailgate after I mount this

      Thanks for your question ! These lights connect with license plate, so you need to separate them before you taking off your tailgate

    • Are the logo led light for the ford for the front or rear logo?

      Thanks for your question! They are for the rear

    • I have a black mesh front grill and I was wondering if there was any way for me to mount this on to the mesh

      Hi,thanks for your inquiry.This logo, you just need to tear the glue behind it and stick it on mesh.

    • Do you make one for the front grille on a 2012 F250 6.7?

      hi, it can be intalled on the Ford front grille and the size of logo is 5.71x2.2 inch, you can refer to this data to see if this size fits your vehicle. 

    • how do you know which is 4d and which is 5d ?

      hi, 5D Ford logo front light is the newest edition, and 4D model and 5D model of the ford logo lights have the different lighting effect. Theirs appearance also looks a little different.

    • Which one is it you get? There is 3 different colors and one model that is blue as well but looks totally different ? So which one is it

      hi, thank you for your inquiry, we chose the blue one to show on video and picture. 

    • Do you do this for Toyota Land Cruiser

      yes, we have toyota, order link https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/tail-logo-light/products/toyota-logo-tail-light

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