FORD tail logo automatical led 4D cold light lamp

This product is specially designed for car modification enthusiasts, daytime car lights do not shine, and the original car standard no difference, when the night license plate lights open after the LED lights are also lit, so that the car marked The night becomes dazzling, very rich sense of the future of science and technology, highlight your car's noble descent.

* Car Make: FORD
* Voltage:12V
* Lamp Type: LED
* Type: Rear logo light
* Warranty: 3 month warranty
* Size: 5.71x2.2 inch
* Color: White,Red,Ice blue
* Power:2W
* Lifetime:50,000 hrs

Questions & Answers

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  • Are the logo led light for the ford for the front or rear logo?

    Thanks for your question! They are for the rear

  • How do I take off my tailgate after I mount this

    Thanks for your question ! These lights connect with license plate, so you need to separate them before you taking off your tailgate

  • Can these lights be put on the front

    Thanks for your question ! Yes,these lights can be put on the front.These lights connect with license plate lights,you just need measure that what size is your front logo

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