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    • Can each strip be a different color at the same time? For example: can each of the 48" be a different color while each of the 36" are a different color?

      Thank you for your question. You can do that with two Bluetooth boxes.

    • Would these work as inter light

      thanks for your inquiry, yes, it can be used as inter atmosphere lights

    • Can you buy 2 sets and double up the wiring to 1 box, so 1 app / 1 controller for both sets on same vechicle.

      Hello, if you buy 2 sets, we will send you 2 Bluetooth remote controllers, but they will share the same Blluetooth APP.

    • How long are the leads that go to the lights? I want to use them on my boat.

      Hello, it has 60 ft range and Bluetooth control.

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